The supernatural Ability

Kira Evans and Julie Harts was best friends. They met 2 new students which both of them fell in love with. They were bad boys who could get any girl they want. They had this mysterious sense around them that made every girl attracting to. Both girls had a small crush on both guys but they knew they wouldn't have a chance. The boys both have a secret that the girl soon unlocked and find out. But will they?


5. Four

Antonio Pov:

As soon as I heard the door knob of Jacob's room door closed I knew it was time to tell Julie. So I slowly started to speak.

"Julie, listen I have something really important to tell you..." said Antonio.

"ok.. Tell me..." said Julie.

"I'm not a normal person like you think I am." said Antonio.

"What do you mean by you're not a normal person. Antonio I'm not normal myself. I'm really weird and well I have an obsession over pizza. Nobody on Earth is normal, Antonio." said Julie

"HAHAHA no not normal in that way. HAHAHA. I meant what I can do is not normal. I.... can read people mind, Julie. I can prove it right now, you're thinking that I'm losing my minds yet you find it cute. Am I right?" asked Antonio.

"Stop lying, you're just guessing. No one can read minds. Stop talking like that." answered Julie.

"I can also run in an extraordinary speed. Not only that, but I can hear from a great distance what other's are talking about. Without having to be next to them. However, I have 1 unique power that others don't have. I can blast Ice. Here let me show you." said Antonio.

And with that, he showed her his power by blasting a close by tree into ice. 

"OMG.... you... really do have supernatural power... How is this possible?" stuttered Julie.

"Well, I found my powers out on my 13th birthday when I accidentally blast ice everywhere. Jacob also has these power but his unique power is to blast fire. We're opposites tbh. However, we get along quite well together since my 13th birthday. We travel everywhere together and we never told anyone about this. But I guess you and Kira are our exception. If this change your feeling for me then I totally get it. Nobody would want to be with a freak like me." said Antonio.

"NO! This doesn't change my feelings for you, this actually make my feelings for you stronger." replied Julie.

"Is that so? Then you wouldn't mind becoming my girlfriend, would you? Because I think I fallen in love with you and I don't think anything can stop me from falling for you." Said Antonio.

"hehe, I wouldn't mind becoming your girlfriend at all. I love you Antonio Ace." said Julie.

"I love you too Julie Harts." said Antonio.

After I said that, I gave her a necklace representing our love and then I kissed her. At that time I really wish that time can stopped for me to enjoy this moments with my gorgeous girlfriend. But unfortunately we had to go downstairs and tell the others. From what I have heard while I was confessing to Julie, Kira has replied to Jacob proposal and they are now also a couple. I'm really happy for Jacob because this is probably the first time he had ever fallen in love with someone so deeply. I really hope it will turn out well.


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