Story Time, kids!

Just where I dump my short stories that doesn't have any explaination.
Trigger warning for... something. I don't exactly know what I'm gonna write. Maybe some depression/suicidal venting thoughts from myself?? IDK.
Cover by me. It's just my sona.


2. Story I Part II: The stranger

The library hardly ever gets any surprise visitors. It didn't took long for Scarlett remember all her regular customers' names and befriend them. There're always the four boys who are invested in a certain adventure comic series (they tried to bribe her with some sour candies so they can take the entire series home and succeeded, thank Godness they were thoughtful and nice kids who returned them without one missing), the straight couple who would make out near the far end corner of the library(who never notice that Scarlett could see all of their actions, and continues to lend cheesy romance books when they're done.), that old woman who loves books about knitting and cooking(she brought in a slice of apple pie every Tuesday, however Scarlett wasn't fond of the amount of cinnamon she put in them)...

It was a quiet Saturday morning. Scarlett just began her morning shift (with her usual cup of flat white and a book near the side), ready to start the day. Without any warning, a person bursted into the library. Scarlett hushed at the heavily dressed person and pointed at the "Please Keep Quiet" sign.

The person nodded before turning away anxiously, walking into the shelves. They were looking suspicious. Scarlett figured that her morning read and coffee can save for later, as she quickly stand up behind the counter and walked towards the person.

"Hey there. May I help you with anything?" Scarlett asked in her best assistant voice. Of course they do. Even with half of their face covered, she can tell that they're in distress. 

The person pulled their scarf and hood down to reveal an extremely pale face and a cracked, thin voice. "Yes... Please." To her surprise, the suspicious person turned out to be a female.

And... A cute one, too. The girl's black, medium-length hair are sticking out from being covered up so tightly, having a flyaway hair moment. Her skin was a unhealthy pale, contrasting from her hair, almost like a ghost. However, she didn't mind her appearance, only continued to choke out words.

"Um... Any books about vampire, please?"



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