Story Time, kids!

Just where I dump my short stories that doesn't have any explaination.
Trigger warning for... something. I don't exactly know what I'm gonna write. Maybe some depression/suicidal venting thoughts from myself?? IDK.
Cover by me. It's just my sona.


1. Story I Part I: The girl with hemophilia

Scarlett took up a part-time job at the local library.  She often stay way longer after her shift ends, just to read and look at people. Scarlett insists that she isn't a creep, it's only that hanging around the library everyday is always more interesting than staying at home.

Some might wonder, why does the girl seems to hate home so much? That's because she has a rare illness named hemophilia. That did not explain much. Here is a dictionary entry for it. It was in the biggest dictionary Scarlett can find in the library.


(medical): a serious disease that causes a person who has been cut or injured to keep bleeding for a very long time

Any reasonable parent who did their research about this illness would know that this isn't exactly a terminal disease or anything life-threatening. No, but Scarlett's mother always seemed paranoid ever since they discovered it. ("What if you fell? What if your organs started to-- then you'll be bleeding to death without even knowing!")

How her mother reacted wasn't exactly helpful for her social relationships either. As the strict single mother she is, Scarlett wasn't allowed to most hang-outs with her friends either. At first people still message her over Skype, but as day and day pass there're less to none people who would chat with her.

She hit a low point after that. She missed her old friends and wonder what happened to them now. Sometimes she open up her Skype, waiting for a familiar name to pop up. But it never happened. All Scarlett can do it move on, it seems.

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