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25. X-Men Days Of Future Past

*~WARNING may contain spoilers for X-men Days Of Future Past~*

Pietro Maximoff: Do you know karate?

Erik Lehnsherr: I don't know karate. But I know crazy.


[first lines]

Professor X: The future: a bleak desolate, place. Mutants and the humans who helped them, united in defeat by an enemy we could not stop. Is this the fate we have set for ourselves? Could we have done nothing to stop it?


Kitty Pryde: [prepping Logan] Basically, your body will go to sleep while your mind travels back in time. Whatever you do won't change anything, not until you wake up. And then everything will be different, and you'll be the only one who knew what happened before.


Charles Xavier: When did you last see her?

Erik Lehnsherr: The day I left for Dallas.

Charles Xavier: How was she?

Erik Lehnsherr: Strong. Driven. Loyal.

Charles Xavier: How... how was she?

Erik Lehnsherr: She was... We were... I could see why she meant so much to you. You should be proud of her, Charles. She's out there, fighting for our cause.

Charles Xavier: Your cause. The girl I raised, she was not capable of killing.

Erik Lehnsherr: You didn't raise her. You grew up with her. She couldn't stay a little girl forever, that's why she left.

Charles Xavier: She left because you got inside her head.

Erik Lehnsherr: That's not my power.


Pietro Maximoff: [note to Eric] Mind the glass.

[smashes the glass surrounding Eric's cell]



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