Movie and TV Show Quotes

Different movie and TV Show quotes....If you know a movie or TV Show quote by heart please comment it!


2. White House Down

*There are different quotes*

1.)President Sawyer: I lost the rocket launcher.

   Cale: You lost... How do you lose a rocket launcher?

2.) President Sawyer: Martin, as the President of the United States, this comes with the full weight, power and authority of my office. Fuck you.


3.) President Sawyer: [while fighting a terrorist] Get your hands off my Jordans!


4.)Cale: I thought you would want this.

    Emily: These are White House passes.

    Cale: Your dad here has a job interview with the Secret Service.

    Emily: That's really cool, John.

    Cale: You're just gonna stick with John?

    Emily: Yeah.

    Cale: Okay.

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