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4. Twister

1.)[about Bill's new fiancee]

    Bill: She's a... a therapist.

    Jo: Oh... Yours?

    Bill: Christ, you couldn't resist, could you?

    Jo: What? I'm not saying you *need* therapy.

    Bill: What? Wait, wait, wait, I need therapy?

   Jo: I didn't say that. I didn't *say* that.

   Bill: What could I possibly need a therapist for? Huh? You're the doctor, tell me!

   Jo: I don't know... inability to finish things?

   Bill: "Inability to finish things"?

   Jo: Maybe rushing into things you can't quite commit to.

   Bill: Commitment?

  Jo: You asked!


2.) Jo: [cow flies by in the storm] Cow.

     [cow flies by in the storm]

     Jo: 'Nother cow.

    Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.


3.) Joey: [Discussing at Meg's on the tornadoes they have seen so far] No, that was a good size      twister. What was it, an F3?

  Bill: Solid F2.

  Melissa: See, now you have lost me again.

  Bill: It's the Fujita scale. It measures a tornado's intensity by how much it eats.

  Melissa: Eats?

  Bill: Destroys.

  Laurence: That one we encountered back there was a strong F2, possibly an F3.

 Beltzer: Maybe we'll see some 4's.

 Haynes: That would be sweet!

 Bill: 4 is good. 4 will relocate your house very efficently.

 Melissa: Is there an F5?

 [Everyone goes dead silent]

 Melissa: What would that be like?

 Jason 'Preacher' Rowe: The Finger of God.

 Melissa: None of you has ever seen an F5?

 Bill: ...Just one of us.

 [Looks upstairs, indicating Jo]



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