Movie and TV Show Quotes

Different movie and TV Show quotes....If you know a movie or TV Show quote by heart please comment it!


11. The 100

1.) Bellamy: Fears are fears. Slay your demons when your awake, they won't be there when you sleep. You can't afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death.

2.) Bellamy: Listen to me. I told you my life ended the day you were born, the truth is, it didn't start until then.


3.) Jaha: Godspeed. Godspeed.


4.) Kane: Salvation comes at a price.


5.) Clarke: I can't lose you again.
      Finn: You won't.


6.) Raven: Ring of fire.
     Bellamy: Barbecue Grounders. I like it.

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