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24. TASM Revisited.

1) Aunt May: What happened to your face? It's filthy!

Peter Parker: It is?

Aunt May: Yes!

Peter Parker: Oh, yeah, yeah. I was cleaning the chimney.

Aunt May: We have no chimney.

Peter Parker: Whaaat?

2) Gwen Stacy: I'm coming with you.

Peter Parker: No you're not, it's too dangerous.

[webs her wrist to a wall]

Peter Parker: [swinging away] I'm sorry, I love you, please don't hate me.

Gwen Stacy: PETER!

[covers her mouth]

3) Aunt May: Last time you did it, you turned everything blue and red!

Peter Parker: I was washing...


Peter Parker: the American flag! My flag!

Aunt May: No one washes the flag!

Peter Parker: Not anymore.

Aunt May: No one washes the flag!

Peter Parker: Alright, laundry sheriff.

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