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Different movie and TV Show quotes....If you know a movie or TV Show quote by heart please comment it!


48. Random Loki and Bucky quotes


Thor 1: 
“So I'm the monster that parents tell their children about at night” 

“I could've done it father"

The Avengers: 
" you brought the monster" 

" I have an army" 

" you have heart" 

“I didn't do it for him" 

" why? To mock?” 

Now just random ones 

“I'vd sent it of somewhere I know not where” 

“I never wanted the thrown of asgard All I ever wanted was to be your equal” 

“I remember a shadow in the shade of your greatness”

“Is it madness? Is it” 

“Tell me!“ 

“So I am no more than another Stolen relic” 

“No, now if you'll excuse me I have to go destroy Jotunheim” 

“Every villian os a hero in his mind” - Tom Hiddlestone 


"Who the hell is Bucky?".

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