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30. Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Professor Snape: [taps the blank Marauder's Map with his wand] Reveal your secrets.

[writing appears on the map]

Professor Snape: Read it.

Harry: "Messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, offer their compliments to Professor Snape and... "

Professor Snape: Go on.

Harry: "... and request that he keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."


Ron: [sitting bolt upright in bed] Spiders... the spiders... they want me to tap-dance. And I don't want to tap-dance!

Harry: You tell those spiders, Ron.

Ron: Yeah, tell them... I'll tell them...

[falls straight back asleep]


Dumbledore: [to Professor Snape] For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.



Malfoy: Ah, come to see the show?

Hermione: [shouts] You! You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!

[Hermione raises her wand at Malfoy. He backs against the wall, whimpering]

Ron: Hermione, no! He's not worth it.

[Hermione lowers her wand and turns away. Malfoy starts laughing, she spins around and socks him in the nose]

Vincent Crabbe: Malfoy! Are you okay? Come on, let's go!

Malfoy: [running away] Quick! Not a word to anyone! Understood?

Hermione: That felt good.

Ron: Not good, brilliant!


Sirius Black: I expect you're tired of hearing this, but you look so like your father. Except your eyes. You have...

Harry: My mother's eyes.

Sirius Black: It's cruel that I got to spend so much time with James and Lily, and you so little. But know this; the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here.

[puts his hand to Harry's heart]

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