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39. Bourne Legacy

Retired Adm. Mark Turso, USN: Is it possible?

Ezra Kramer: Possible? We had Bourne six weeks ago in Moscow. He was on foot, wounded, with a full Cossack posse up his ass. Somehow, he walked out of there. I've kind of lost my perspective on what's possible.


Drone Spec: What kind of weapon system is this guy operating?

Dita Mandy: He's probably got a rifle.

[Drone operators exchange incredulous glances]

Byer: It's a high-powered rifle.


Dita Mandy: LARX is a beta-2 stem program. Amped mission fidelity, minimized empathy.

Terrence Ward: It's Treadstone without the inconsistency, Outcome without the emotional noise.

Zev Vendel: It's looking very strong for us.

Dita Mandy: We have never seen evaluations like this.

Retired Adm. Mark Turso, USN: This went from something I don't know about to something on the drawing board, and now you're telling me it's up and running?

Byer: It's up and running. Consider yourself informed.


Aaron Cross: We have less than eight minutes to clear out of here, okay?

Dr. Marta Shearing: Yes.

Aaron Cross: Good. Beacause the next thing coming though that door is going to wipe us out.

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