My So Called Friend (on hold)

Juliet, is just a normal 19 year old girl in college. Well that's all until she meets Taylor Swift and somehow become friends, and Juliet meets celebrities; what happens when One of them just happens to be Harry Styles ? but what happens when Juliet sees something she shouldn't ? Read to find out hope you guys like!


4. That happened a bit quicker than i thought....

Juliet's POV



I took a deep breath of relief that she'd actually hear me out . She's pretty stubborn . ''Well you see , tonight One Directions in town and-''


She superman dived , from her bed to on top of me. '' YOU HAD ME AT ONE DIRECTION OMG JULIET I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO FRICKIN MUCH!'' She held my head and kept slamming her lips into my forehead after every 'I love you'


I smiled.


''Well it's about time.'' I chuckled . '' Get dressed , I heard they're going to be at Inferno later tonight .''


''Okay , I have the perfect outfit ! And another for you . Maybe you can just stay here and we can get dressed together , just tell your mum your staying over tonight.'' You know , she may seem like a goody-two-shoes at times but she can get out of hand. I smirked to myself.




Kaydean was in the shower and I was already dressed . I was humming a long to a Paramore song as I waited for her.

"Ugh, shes hot and all but she sure does take a long time getting ready....'', I mumbled  while on my phone.

I sat on her bed then plopped myself on my back. As I lay there I fell a sleep by accident, I was tired anyway. When I woke up I was drooling and snoring, Kay had been staring at me with a grin on her face.

''what?'', I looked at her confused. She pointed next to me and she saw what was on my phone. I freaked out and took it quickly turning it off.

She was laughing, '' I understand that you were a bad person, but I didn't think you actually watched stuff like that. im disappointed in you right now.''

''I-I swear Zoey sent that video and I was bored so I just decided to watch it......'', I was blushing and really embarrassed, ugh why did Zoey have to send that to me.

''Were you really bored or was it something else?", Kaydean was teasing me I just know it, but I had no idea what to say to that question.

I just sat up quietly and got a good look at her. HOLY FUCK!, she just looked amazing.

''The concert isn't for another few hours, so whatcha wanna do while we wait for a while?'',  I asked as I pushed her on the bed, and got up.

She just shrugged and turned on the TV, I sat on the floor while she on her bed. It was annoying looking at what we were watching since I need glasses but don't wear them, and I don't like contacts. So everything was kinda blurry.

I wound up finding my self turned around and staring at Kaydean, not even blinking. My face went red and I tried turning around quickly but hurt myself instead, "Fucking bitch...'', I mumbled quiet enough for her not to hear.

'How am I gonna make it through the the concert when I can barely last 5 minutes without looking at her, when shes around me?', I thought to myself.

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