My So Called Friend (on hold)

Juliet, is just a normal 19 year old girl in college. Well that's all until she meets Taylor Swift and somehow become friends, and Juliet meets celebrities; what happens when One of them just happens to be Harry Styles ? but what happens when Juliet sees something she shouldn't ? Read to find out hope you guys like!


3. I'm Listening...

Kaydean's  POV



Suspended? Jesus my parents are gonna be pissed . The only time they'd let it slide is if they know I was right and god damn it, who would she believe ? Me or the adults with proof that I was with Juliet when she vandalized the walls ?


Trick question.


"Kay, listen I'm sorry. I didn't think he would take me seriously. but, hey, its not the first time we've been in trouble.", Juliet tried looking me in the eye, but I looked away.


"Just shut up! I've been by your side and trying to prove you innocent for all these years, and you just blurt out that I help you! just because you thought that I should get suspended with you! Some friend you are, you can forget about coming over later. '', I said as I walked away from Juliet, ''Good luck getting out of jail if you ever get arrested! Cause damn it, this time I'm not helping you out ! ''



Juliet's P.O.V.



What the fuck did I just do, you ask, well I think I just lost my best friend that's what happened. oh, god what am I gonna do. I watch Kaydean as she walks away from me.


Do something dumbass!, I tell myself. but instead I just walk home, on the way I bumped into someone. the person fell and I tried helping them up.


'' OMG, Im so sorry, I didn't me-'', I shut up the moment I saw who it was that I made fall by accident. It was Taylor Swift ! I was freaking out inside but was frozen on the outside.


I just sat there until she tried getting my attention, ''S-sorry, I didn't see you. please don't be upset. it was an accident, I swear it ."


I was terrified of her for some reason, she could have the government lock me up and throw the key , just for bumping into her. But I am a huge fan.


''Its ok don't worry. are you okay? you look like you've seen a ghost.'', she asked with a laugh.


"uhh, yeah im fine. once again sorry I bumped into you like that.", I said shaking.


''its ok.", after that she kept walking, then I face palmed myself for not asking for a pic or an autograph, im so stupid.


I decided to worry bout the Taylor Swift thing later and ran off to Kaydean's place. I knocked on the door loudly and repeatedly, until her mom opened it.


''Hi Mrs. Gordon . Is Kaydean here we got into a little argument and I'd like to see her.'' I panted .


''Oh , yes she is Julie , she's up in her room and your welcomed to stay for dinner if you'd like .'' Mr and Mrs Gordon were like my second parents and Kay's mum always called me Julie , but enough of that.


I ran up to her room and she sat on her bed with her legs crossed , and a book in her hand.

''Kaydean , I am so sorry . I can make it up to you if you'd let me , I promise .'' She looked at me and her green eyes squinted through the frames of her big nerdy glasses. They did look cute though.


She closed the book. ''I'm listening .''



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