Why me.


1. it's life.

I sprinted across the grassy field away from the school. I ran across the road putting all my heart into it. I had to get away. I ran onto the sidewalk in front of my apartment building. I walked inside and went up to my apartment. I threw my bag on the floor and went into the kitchen. I opened my cupboard and pulled out a fruit bar. I ate my fruit bar then entered my bedroom. I quickly found my iPod put in my headphones and sat on the couch with my music playing.

I went back into the kitchen to start on dinner. I was going to make chicken and rice and a vegetable mix. I put the food in the oven and sat down to watch tv. The timer beeped and I got up to get my food. I put a small amount of food on my plate and slowly ate dinner. After dinner I pulled out a new cookie and split it in to fourths and ate one of the fourths. Then I watched some more tv did my homework got ready for bed and went to bed with tears in my eyes.

I awoke the next morning with the usual feeling of dread in my stomach. I silently got up and took my usual morning shower ate a small breakfast got dressed brush my teeth and started to walk to school.

I arrived at the school ten minutes later with fifteen minutes to go until school actually started. I went to my locker and emptied my stuff into it. I grabbed the stuff I needed for my first class and headed there straight away like usual I was the first one there. My eyes were still red.

"Awww was the little baby crying again" Jessica jeered at me in a mock baby voice.

I tried to zone her out but it wasn't easy. My only friend Payton entered the room. She came over to sit by me. Payton had perfect long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has great fashion taste today she's wearing a light blue button up jean shirt with white leggings and white and blue flip flops with her haired tied in a side ponytail she had her usual heart locket necklace which held a picture of us.

"Hey" she said cheerfully.

"Hi" I gloomily said back.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing I'm fine."

"Rache I know you're not fine."

My names Rachel but sometimes Payton calls me Rache. The teacher walked into the room and all conversation ended. After English ended I quickly went to my locker to get my books for math. Me and Payton only have one class together same with Jessica and her friends. I walked into math and pulled out my math book. When the teacher came in I put my math book away to pay attention. Math is my favorite subject.

At the end of the day I walked home to my apartment and ate some goldfish. I don't eat a lot and I usually eat only healthy food but I can't do that all the time. I fell asleep while I was watching tv.

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