Why me.


2. 1 year earlier.

Me and my mom live peacefully together since my dad died 3 years ago. It's been really tough without my dad but me and my mom are making it through.

It's 10:00 and me and my friends are having a group chat. We're the most popular girls in school. Me, Payton, Nicky, Daniela, and Kayla are all best friends.

Wow 11:30 already my mom is making her before bed time tea on the stove and I can smell the peppermint and it's making me sleepy. 30 minutes later there's smoke everywhere and I can hear sirens I can't see out my window but I can hear my mom screaming.

"My baby my baby girl is in there."

"Mam we can't go in there it's too dangerous there's no way to get her out."

"Then I'll go in for her."

"Mam no."

I sit there petrified for moments. My mom rushes into my room and grabs me she carries me out of my room and out into the cold night. She lays me down on the cold, wet grass and it feels good against my burning skin. I breathe in the fresh clean night air and it's a relief from the smokey house.

"Honey I love you." My mom whispers in my ear.

"I love you too mom."

My moms eyelids start to flutter I feel her heart it's slowing down tears stream down my face. No I think it's not true it can't be. I start to scream and shout. No not my mom not her too first my dad now my mom. No this can't be happening. I feel her heart it's stopped beating she's no longer breathing and her eyes are closed.

I walk up to the firefighters and demand to know what happened and why my moms dead.

"Sorry young lady there was a fire and we grabbed your mom out of the house we didn't know you were there it was a fire on the stove tea I believe was cooking."

My mom is dead because of tea I'll never drink it again ever. I started to cry and cry and cry the next thing I knew I was at the hospital in recovery.

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