Always Be Together *Nouis Story*

One day Louis Tomlinson meets a wonderful male named Niall Horan. They met through friends named Liam Payne and Kasey Reyna. But what happens when someone falls in love with Niall? Read more to find your answer.


2. chapter 2

"Come on Louis!" Liam says "You and Harry broke up, like what 2 months ago"

"Liam." Louis says sternly "Niall is hot. But I don't think he even likes me"

Liam sighs and walks back to the lounge. Louis followed closely behind. When they enter Louis notices Niall was blushing. Louis thought nothing of it. Liam went over and sat next to Kasey.

"Kasey, Louis thinks Niall's hot" Liam whispers to Kasey

"Liam I have an idea" Kasey whisper-yells

Louis and Niall look over at them with a questioning look. Niall smirks at Kasey. When Kasey saw that she blushed. Kasey looked back at Liam.

"We need to make up a reason to leave them alone together" Kasey whispers

Liam nods. He thinks for a second before speaking up.

"Louis, Niall Me and Kasey need to leave real quick!" Liam speaks quickly

"Why do you two need to leave?" Niall asks

"Niall. Do you not realize what day it is?" Kasey asks

"What?" Louis asks while Niall blushes

"Louis. Kasey gets something every month" Liam starts

"That and we are going to visit my mothers grave." Kasey says as she rolls her eyes at the blushing boys

"Come on Liam. Lets be quick" Kasey says as she winks at Niall

She pulls Liam out to the car. As soon as they get outside she burst into laughter. Liam chuckles and opens the door for Kasey. Kasey gets in and Liam follows suit on the drivers side. Mean while at Kasey's house. Niall and Louis are sitting awkwardly next to each other. Niall could stand the awkwardness so he pulled out his phone. He pulled up the messages and quickly texted Kasey to get Louis' number. When he got it he texted Louis.

Hey! -N

Hello! -LT

I love your eyes! -N

Thanks! I love your hair and eyes. -LT

Your just so handsome! -N

Louis blushed when he read that.

You are to! :) -LT

Thanks. :) -N

Louis looked up from his phone and locked eyes with Niall. They stared into each others eyes for a long time. They started to move closer to each other. When Niall was almost on Louis lap the front door opened. They looked over and saw Kaine entering the house. When she saw Niall she smiled.

"Niall, where's Kasey?" she asked

"She went to visit her mum's grave with Liam" Niall says

"Oh okay. Well when she gets back tell her I went out with some friends" she says as she leaves again.


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