The Bucket List

When you lose an unborn child, can one ever really get back to living their life again?

Sarah couldn't. Thats when Louis made her bucket list come to life. Twenty two items, each undone and thought to never have been achieved.


1. 10th July, 2010.

Chapter One.


The auditorium was dark and intimidating and that was just to you. You couldn’t imagine how Louis felt; about to walk on stage in front of hundreds of people for the 2010 X-Factor auditions. So far, the talent had been of a… low standard and the judges were getting irritated. You were backstage with him and he was fidgeting something chronic. You watched as the last act walked off with their shoulders slumped and that’s when Louis was on. He turned to you, eyes double their normal size and hands shaking ever so slightly.

‘I’ve never sung in front of… so many people. What if they hate me?’

‘Louis, that is so unlikely the proper term for it is impossible. Now please go out there before you piss the judges off even more by making them wait.’ He grinned at you and kissed you before turning and strolling onto the stage. He looked so small in comparison to the huge stage. He approached the X taped to the floor and stopped, facing the blinding lights and judges. You crossed your fingers and silently prayed. You believed in him, it was just a matter of everyone else doing so as well...


The last few words of Hey There, Delilah echoed throughout the room before everyone exploded with applause. The judges were smiling and after their praise, Louis was on his way to boot camp. He basically skipped off stage towards you and wrapped you in a hug before spinning you around and kissing you.

‘Congratulations Louis, that was quite a performance!’ Louis put you down and turned to the girl who had spoken.  You took a step away from Louis and admired the girl. She was taller than you, yet still shorter than Louis and had shiny brown hair. She was stunning and you could tell Louis thought so too.

‘Thanks love. And you are…?’ She flashed a smile and held out her hand.


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