Virtually yours.

Clinging on to her lost love, Rena finds herself questioning what is real and what isn't. Everything she had ever known was gone in a heartbeat and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Six months of hell, until she met Sam and Autumn. Rena's story of despair, quickly turns into a story of hope as she works toward fixing everything broken in her life with the help and humorous adventures that she embarks on with Sam and Autumn.


4. Work.

     As Rena pulled up to the wheat field where her photo session was taking place, she was overcome with the beauty around her.  Rena had driven past this field many times, but never stopped. An old Whitney Straight M.11 Monoplane lay rusted in the field about 200 feet off the drive.  There was no house, no barn, nothing but simplicity.  The couple she was photographing were due to give birth within the next week.  There was no sign of her clients yet so Rena decided to step out of the vehicle and search for good spots for the photography.    As she began walking, a cool breeze went through her hair.  This place was filled with beauty and subtlety.

    Her moment of serenity was interrupted by her phone buzzing. 

    "Rena Lemon Photography, this is Rena?"  she answered.

It was her client.  On their way to the photo shoot, the Mrs. Laszlo's water broke. 

    "Good Luck and keep me posted!  I'd love to do the newborn shots!"  Rena replied.

She walked back to her car and leaned her back up against the driver side door. 

   "Well shoot!"  She huffed. 

 As excited as she was for the new arrival of baby Laszlo, she was really looking forward to photographing this area. 

   Her phone buzzed again.  

    "Rena Lemon Photography, Rena speaking?"  she answered.

    "Ms. Lemon, I was wondering if you'd be available to do some photo shoots this afternoon."  said a familiar voice.

     Rena was a bit startled. 

    "Well I did just have a cancellation, what did you have in mind?"

     "Perfect, I just had a cancellation as well.  I was going to stop and pick up a sandwich, I can bring  you one and we can discuss more then."

     "I- I'm not hungry.  Who am I speaking with?"  she inquired. 

     "I'll meet you at my office in 20 minutes, Ms. Lemon.  223 Bentia Drive."

     The line went dead. 

     Rena just stared at her phone for a second.  What in the world?  Who?  UGH!  She hopped into her LeSabre and fastened her seatbelt.  She quickly dialed Autumn. 

     "Are you busy?  Please say you aren't busy."  she begged.

     "I'm just shopping for shoes, what's up?"  Autumn inquired. 

     "My client cancelled.  However, someone called and requested another shoot.  He didn't give his name, just his address.  Can you meet me there?  I'm not comfortable going alone."  Rena asked.

     Ever since Vince's death, Rena was uneasy about unfamiliar places, people, especially when she didn't know what she was stepping into.  Autumn agreed to meet her. 

     As she pulled up to 223 Bentia Drive, she recognized the area immediately.  It was the medical mall located in a posh area of town.  It was a newly developed area that the city fought for to keep all of the medical practices organized into one area.

     Autumn pulled in beside her.  Rena barely acknowledged Autumn's existance as she stared at the neatly landscaped brick building in front of her. 

     Autumn walked over to Rena's passenger side door and opened it. 

     "So are we getting out?  Or are we just taking pictures of the building?"  She asked impatiently.

     "I - I don't know."  Rena replied. 

Just then a jet black 2013 Lotus Exige pulled up.  This wasn't your typical sports car.  It was a sports car you could only buy in the UK, not in small town Ohio.  Autumn's jaw dropped. 

    "Whoa, now THAT is a car."  she gasped. 

Rena opened her door and stepped out, not taking her eyes off of this car.  The little black beast revved up it's engine, before coming to a complete stop.  The passenger side window rolled down. 

     "Oh you've found it!  Glad to see you!"  said the familiar German voice.

     "Sam."  Rena whispered. 


    "Close your mouth, Autumn, you are starting to drool."  Rena whispered.  

Autumn giggled then wiped her chin.  "Do you need me to stay?  Still?"

     "Oh yes, this is on the cusp of creepy."

     Sam pulled into his parking spot, and stepped out of the vehicle, he pushed the button to set the alarm on his car and turned toward the girls.  

     "Do you always have an assistant with you on photo shoots?"  he asked as he nodded toward Autumn.

     "What?  Oh.. Autumn is my best friend.  She was in the area and asked if she could, um .. join us?"

     "Sam Gunther.  Pleased to meet you."  Sam offered his hand to Autumn.

     "I'm Autumn."  Autumn responded reaching out to his hand.  "Do you two know each other?"

     "No, well.. yes.. hmmm kinda"  Rena replied, her face growing flush.  

     "We met at the club the other night.  She took quite the fall."  Sam replied.  "Come inside, we can discuss the photo shoot before getting started.

      "Well, you do realize, I use natural light."  Rena explained. 

     "That won't be a problem.  Luckily, it's very sunny out today."  Sam grinned.

     The trio walked inside the office building.  The passed through the waiting area and down a long hallway.  At the end of the hallway there was a set of french doors that led into a large beautiful office.  

     "Whoa."  gasped Autumn, "This set up is beautiful?"  

     The office was decorated in cherry oak walls and beautifully built in shelves.  A flat screen TV was built into the wall above it, a built in salt water aquarium.  

     "Please, have a seat."  Sam motioned toward two leather chairs alongside the opposite of his desk.

     Rena shook her head.

    "I'm sorry, Sam.  If I'm not mistaken, weren't we going to do a photo shoot?"

    Sam grinned.

    "Of course. 


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