Virtually yours.

Clinging on to her lost love, Rena finds herself questioning what is real and what isn't. Everything she had ever known was gone in a heartbeat and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Six months of hell, until she met Sam and Autumn. Rena's story of despair, quickly turns into a story of hope as she works toward fixing everything broken in her life with the help and humorous adventures that she embarks on with Sam and Autumn.


3. Mondays.

If there was anything or anyone in the world Rena hated more than the man who took Vincent's life, it was Mondays.  Mondays meant work.  Luckily for Rena, she had a job that she loved, but if she could stay in bed for the rest of her life, she would.  She envisioned a life of servants with the likeness of Adam Levine and Gerard Butler feeding her three meals a day in bed, watching cheesy lifetime movies for 12 hours a day, and countless hours of sex with the said servants.  But reality was, she was a well established photographer and today she had a huge photo shoot.  More importantly, she was meeting her best friend, Autumn for coffee. 


She threw her ski vest on over her running outfit and threw her hair into a loose ponytail, grabbed her camera case, purse and headed for the kitchen.  Sitting on the table was a plate of three chocolate chip cookies and a note from Mikko.

I have a date tonight with Ashton, don't wait up.  Have a great day and keep smiling.  Cookie?  -Miks

Rena grabbed a cookie off the plate and headed out the door.

As she drove toward the TC Cafe, she couldn't help but think about Mikko and how sweet he was.  He was like a little brother, a loyal pet, and a guardian angel all in one.  She met him soon after Vince's passing.  She was walking home from a bereavement group and she bumped into him, literally -- in Rena Fashion, as she was trying to text Autumn.  There are many things Rena shouldn't do, walk with her shoes untied is one, walking while texting is another.   She offered to make up the fact that she caused him to spill his Cappucino all over himself by buying him another.  Over the course of the next few months, the two became inseparable and eventually, roommates. 

Upon entering the swanky little café, where everyone knows everyone, Rena waved to the Barista. 

"Good morning, Muckey!"  Doodle chanted. Muckey was Doodle's nickname for Rena.  Long story really, but Rena had a silly nickname for her favorite Barista as well so it worked.  Autumn was already sitting in their favorite booth in the corner waiting for Rena. 

"REENEY!"  Autumn shouted.  Almost too loud as the other guests all turned their heads toward the two for a brief moment. 

Rena sat down and smiled and motioned over to Doodle. 

"The regular, please."  she requested.

Doodle nodded and proceeded to make Rena's signature drink.  The Pumpkin Spice Latte with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

"So, Mikko told me about your fall.  Do you care to discuss it?"  Autumn asked.  "I see the red mark on your eye, that must've hurt."

Rena put her hand over her eye. 

"I'd almost forgotten, it's really not a big deal.  Mikko sure does know how to keep his mouth quiet."

"Hey, he is just concerned.  He loves you.  Too bad he's not into girls, because he's a hell of a catch."

"You are too much, Autumn."  Rena snickered. 

The two shared a brief laugh, then went on to discuss other things in their life.  Autumn was excited about getting her taxes back so that she could go shopping.  Rena was discussing her upcoming photo shoot.  An hour and a half had quickly passed by and the two were preparing to say their quick goodbyes. 

"Hey, this Friday, I want to take you out, girls night out.  We can go to that club you like, if you want or we can go somewhere else, but I really want to join you this time."  Autumn insisted.

"I'd love to hang out with you Autumn,"  Rena said reluctantly, "But I don't need a babysitter, if that's what you are implying."

"Rena, stop!"  Autumn jolted back.  "I'll pick you up at 8, and it will be my treat."

Rena met Autumn at this very same coffee shop shortly after Vince's passing.  Rena and Mikko were feasting on a cupcake when Autumn entered the cafe.  She was a little lost as she'd just moved to the area.  She knew literally two people in this small town.  She was walking passed Rena and Mikko and tripped over literally nothing and fell into their table.  Needless to say, Rena saw a glimpse of herself in Autumn and offered her a seat.  The rest was history.

Autumn loved to spoil Rena, especially since Vince's passing.  She'd get online and buy all sorts of clothes and random items and have them shipped to Rena's house.  She was adamant that was going to keep Autumn's sprits up one way or another.  Rena was blessed.  If there was one thing she wasn't lacking, it was good friends.

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