first movella

well just explaining me


1. my life

Well whoever reads this i guess will know mostly everything about me.Well not like everything because you know i've got to keep some secrets to myself. Okay so my name is Aida. I live in California. Im 16 and have no life i guess you could call it. Well what i mean by having no life is that i guess im not like other people in high school that go to parties and get drunk or that kind of girl that has like a bunch of friends. I guess im an average teenager? Okay, so i live with my mom, stepdad, sister, and two little brothers. I like hummm i dont really like alot i guess now that i think about it. Well the things that i do like are Justin Bieber. (lets just take a minute to think about how hot he is, and for you people that dont like him im sorry because i probably will be writing about him once in a while) I also like fashion. Im not really like the kind of girl that wears fashionable clothes though but i dont know i just like it. I like doing nails i guess. Well i wouldn't say that doing nails is like my favorite thing to do but it calms me down when im stressed. My mom thinks i should go to like school for doing nails but i just dont thing its like the right thing for me. I  would rather do something else with my life rather that just being a nail lady.Just letting you people know that i will be writing about other things. This was just an introduction. Well i guess im done and if you keep reading you will learn a little more about me and my crazy life. (i will be changing the names of my friends and family just in case you people could be like stalkers or something.)

Love, Aida G.

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