Breathless || Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles had always been the outcast. He stuck to himself, hiding away in the library, his only safe haven. When a new student, Ariel Parker, having stood out for not only being fresh meat but also her cherry red hair, comes into Marcel's life, he's unsure what to do. Would he get to know her and make friends with her or pretend she had never existed just as everyone had done to him his whole life? Sooner or later the two would have to butt heads and after a while, Marcel finds himself stuck in Ariel's gravitational pull. He couldn't claw his way out even if he wanted to. He wanted to figure Ariel out; she was a complete mystery and he wanted to solve her puzzle.


5. Chapter 5

My heart plummets into my stomach as I sit in an old creaky chair outside of the principal's office. I had landed my spot here the moment I watched Harry send his fist into Zayn's face, Liam fending off Niall and Louis as Harry did it. Honestly, I was mortified as to what was going to happen next. Would Harry get suspended? Would any of this be put onto my permanent record? 


I wish Ariel was here. She'd most likely know what to do. She always seemed so calm and collected even with those tears stained on her cheeks. I was still dying to know what had caused those emotions to run through her. A boyfriend? Family issues? PMS? I wasn't sure.


I sigh, resting my head in my hands with Liam at my side. He had already been talked to by our principal and hadn't gotten that severe of punishment since his was just protecting a friend but Harry? Harry was in for it, I was sure. "Harry will be fine," Liam tells me and I roll my eyes beneath my black rimmed glasses. 


"He won't be fine. H-He did this because of m-me," I whisper, feeling ashamed. I told Harry that I didn't want to wreck his life and that was what I had ended up doing. Liam says nothing more, the two of us sitting together in the two identical chairs and wait out for Harry to appear leaving the principal's office.


My breathing becomes panicky the moment I watch him step out, eyes glued to the floor. "What'd she say, Haz?" Liam asks since, between my short breathing, I wasn't able to. 


"She suspended me," Harry mumbles. My face goes paper white and my hands start to shake with worry. "This isn't all your fault, Marc," He tells me when he sees my wreck of state. "Now get to class, mate. The boys'll leave you alone now. I've got to get home so clean yourself up and have a good rest of the day, alright lad?" Harry had tried his best to sound cheery to keep me from crying again but I knew it was all an act. Harry was worried about his future now too and it was all because of me. 


I do as I'm told nonetheless and walk in the opposite direction of Liam and Harry, going to my class. By now, it was almost over but I go there anyway. My feet dragged across the ground with dread and I could only wonder what the rest of the day would bring. The rest of the day I spend worrying about Harry. What would our mother say?


I rest my head in my hands, waiting for the day to end so I could go home, crawl into bed with another small Oxycontin pill under my tongue.




She walks into the room, late, red hair like fire gliding down her shoulders and the tears were tattooed on her cheeks again. I sigh, concerned for her and curl my fingers around my pencil tightly, anger seeping into my bones. She sits down next to me, her sweet scent calming me slightly and she asks, "Marcel, do you have a pencil?" Her words wobble across her tongue and I knew it was from the breakdown she must've currently had. 


I spin around to my bag without a word, swiping a pencil, freshly sharpened and hand it to her, surprised she remembered my name from the many days she had disappeared. It was when her fingers brush mine when I find myself falling for her faster than I thought possible and I keep the electric feeling to myself, not wanting her to know. Even though my sudden crush on her had shocked me, I was still concerned about Harry. I was in gym class, the one the two of us shared and today was a free day, we could do what we wanted and for that, I was thankful. I needed to clear my head. I shade in the background of my drawing, feeling Ariel's eyes glued to it and I try not to blush. 


"It's beautiful," She tells me.


It was of the full moon I had seen a couple months back and I wanted to capture the moment forever. It was something I was glad I hadn't missed. "Thanks," I whisper. The ache had returned to my jaw, only worsening my craving for the Oxy even more. 


"I heard about your brother," She tells me and a sharp intake of breath fills my lungs. I nod curtly, not wanting to talk about it but she presses on. "I thought it was really brave of him. Zayn deserved all that he got," I find myself nodding again, not sure what to think besides Was she falling for Harry? It would crush me from the inside out if she was yet I was telling myself not to be surprised. All girls fell for Harry and never me. It was never unusual. 


"He got suspended," I mumble, panicky tears filling my eyes again. My breathing quickens and I curse under my breath. I drop my drawing to the ground and rest my head in my forearms, hiding myself from her. 


"It'll be okay, Marcel," She tells me and again, I was shocked she remembered my name. 


"It won't be okay," I find myself saying. "Harry's life is ruined b-because of m-me. I-I ruined his p-picture p-perfect life. H-He probably g-got kicked off the f-football t-team because of m-me," I sob quietly into my arms. I feel Ariel try to pry my face from my limbs and I surrender, letting her, not up for a fight and cringe at the pitied look she was giving me.


"You're going to come with me," She tells me, picking me up from the floor. With a confused, look, I scoop up my drawing and follow her out of the school, confused on where we were going. I don't ask questions as we get into her car although the anticipation is killing me. "This is where I go when I'm upset," She tells me, bringing me to the beach's edge, the sand seeping into the crevasses of our shoes. My breathing had seized to short sniffles and silence blankets over us, the only thing ensuring our place being the lapping whispers of the waves. "Are you really worried about Harry or what your parents are going to think?" Ariel asks me after a moment.


"Both," I mumble as I kick the caramel colored sand under my loafers. I wasn't about to tell her my father was a deadbeat and my mother strode for my perfection so besides that one word answer, I stay silent. 


"That bruise makes you look sexy," She tells me, making me blush a deep red. 


"Me? S-Sexy? That's a load," I tell her, making her giggle. I loved the sound of it, the way it rang like bells in the air and drifted down the sea, across the waves. The sky started to darken, a telltale sign of not only the end of school but the end of the full day. "I'm sorry you had to see me like this," I say bashfully as the two of us tumble into her car again. 


"It's okay, Marc. There's no doubt in my mind you'll see me like that one day, too," She says as I give her directions to my house. I couldn't help but feel my heart melt as she called me the nickname I only let Harry allow. When she pulls up into my driveway, I give her a lame wave and a 'thank you' before getting out and heading inside. 


"Marcel Styles where the hell have you been and why the hell did I get another call from the school saying you had left the facility?" My mother screeches, coming to the front door to face me, wearing an apron, a mask of anger taking over her face and sadly, it was one I saw often. 


I only shrug my shoulders and this only seems to rile her up even more. She slaps me across the face and I can't say I'm surprised so instead of reacting the way she wanted me to: to cry or apologize, I do the opposite, I set my jaw and walk up to my room but not before stealing another heavenly pill from the medicine cabinet to take me away.

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