Breathless || Marcel Styles

Marcel Styles had always been the outcast. He stuck to himself, hiding away in the library, his only safe haven. When a new student, Ariel Parker, having stood out for not only being fresh meat but also her cherry red hair, comes into Marcel's life, he's unsure what to do. Would he get to know her and make friends with her or pretend she had never existed just as everyone had done to him his whole life? Sooner or later the two would have to butt heads and after a while, Marcel finds himself stuck in Ariel's gravitational pull. He couldn't claw his way out even if he wanted to. He wanted to figure Ariel out; she was a complete mystery and he wanted to solve her puzzle.


1. Chapter 1

I was worried about the girl with the arctic white skin, always strutting into class smelling like summer although the season was months away. But it wasn't because of the lack of pigment in her cheeks that brought me distress, rather the way her angelic features were always glazed with tears. She was perfect and pure; a girl like her didn't deserve to spill those tears. They were too precious.


I feel my fingers curl around my pencil with anger at her emotional attacker yet the feeling ebbs away the moment her sweet scent fills my nose. "Marcel, do you have a pencil?" Her light voice fills my ears, her words slightly shaking, quivering as she slides into the seat next to me.


I swipe a pencil, freshly sharpened from my bag and twist around in my chair, passing her the utensil with shaky hands. I was flabbergasted; how could a beautiful girl like her not only be acutely aware of my existence but also remember my name? She was as cute as a button, every single part of her. From her vibrant red hair that fell in loose waves down her back to her sea blue eyes and prefect white smile. I never imagined a girl like her would even look in my direction.


Just then, the goddess herself went for the pencil, her delicate fingers brushing mine lightly. In that moment, I found myself falling for the tear stained girl harder than I ever thought possible.

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