Can I Take It?

Luke Hemming fanfiction.

This is a story of Theresa, a girl, hated by most for no reason. But, is Luke the same as the others?


2. school

"Get up!" My mom screams.

"I know, I'm up." I say just above a whisper as I stand up.

Shit shit shit.

I put on my usual makeup, which is not much. Concealer to cover the bags under my eyes, mascara. I rarely put on eyeliner, but when I have a lot of time on my hands I would. I kind of gave up on putting a lot of makeup on the impress guys. I won't ever get a boyfriend. I don't have any actual friends, period. People make fun of me anyways.

I have Internet friends though. I can be me with them. It's more fun to talk to them, and it's much easier. Most people would judge me for video chatting with random people On the Internet, but they're not random. They're my best friends.

On the Internet, (sites like omegle) I get called beautiful, amazing, and things like that by guys. In real life, I get called ugly, worthless, and things like that. I don't understand. the guys who compliment me are usually just perverts, but one guy named Derek. He's the only guy Internet friend I have. I also have becca and ally, who are also Internet friends.

I wear a new shirt I got over the weekend, which is a pastel blue over-the-shoulder baggy top with jean shorts. I wear my new turquoise high-top converse with that and my hair in a messy bun.

Monday more like no.

I don't want to go to school, I really don't. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen.

But then again, I get this feeling everyday before I go to school.

I walk downstairs and eat a fancy breakfast, A bagel and orange juice.

Then, I head off. Oh, did I mention it's only the second month of school? Yeah, it sucks.

I'm not even sure what I want to have as a job. Sometimes I think I want to be a lawyer, then a dancer, then a publisher, then an editor, then a director, then maybe a songwriter. Ugh it's so confusing. Senior and I don't even know who I am.

As my short walk goes on, nothing happens. Not a shove, not an insult, no random pieces of trash are thrown at me. This is weird... In a good way though.

As I get closer to my school, I see why people aren't the normal selves today. There is a giant crowd, but I have no idea what's going on in the middle of it. I don't look. There's no point.

I take this chance and go inside while no ones paying attention. My first class is science, and not surprisingly, I'm the first one there.

"Good morning, Miss Longhood!" My science teacher says too enthusiastically.

"Good morning, Mr, Ramirez." I smile.

"Early are you?" He asks.

"Yes, I went to sleep earlier last night, therefore, I got up earlier." I lie. I can't tell the teacher oh since there's a bunch of kids crowding outside so I didn't get pushed around today.

"That's great." He says.

We stopped talking after that while I opened my books. When my classmates start walking in, I stare at my books and pretend I'm studying. I don't like to look at them in the eyes.

"Settle down everyone. We have something new to do today." Mr. Ramirez barely shouts.

"Since we had the test last Friday. I decided we will start the chapter off with a project. Partner work and you will be able to choose your partners." He smiles.


Mr. Ramirez knows I don't have many friends. What the fuck? Well, obviously his whole class isn't determined by my social life. Stop being so selfish Theresa.

After most people have chosen there partners, it's me and this kid named Luke. He walks over and abruptly sits down next to me.

"Calum and Michael picked each other?" I look over and ask. I may not have the best social life but I pay attention to what goes on in this school. I know who's friends with who and who doesn't like who.

He nod and I look away. I'm not sad of anything. This is normal. I'm used to it.

I have to take a double take to realize Luke has a black eye.

"Are you alright?" I ask.


"Your eye."

"oh yeah, a fight. Nothing major." He responds.

I nod and look back at the teacher. I can't help but let my mind roam to think of follow ups to the fight. Maybe that was what the whole crowd was for. Who else was it with? I have no fucking idea but I don't know if I should try to get answers for them.

"This next chapter is on social interactions and social media. For the project, however, you must think of a question to base your project on. For example, I won't base this on this chapter but, how does music affect the brain? This class will consist of agreeing on a question/topic and planning out your ideas. You will need to use the scientific method to plan out your poster board. Experiments are needed but don't need to be shown to me. They just have to be explained somewhere on the poster board. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. So get to it."

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