I'll Save You

Trinity is constantly abused by her father since she was 4 years old. her mother was murdered by her father when she was 3. what will happen when she is saved by a certain blonde boy? Will she let him in or let her terrible past control her life forever? Read and find out.


7. Why Me?

Trinity's POV

I woke up in a pitch black room. There were no windows and no doors other than the one that led to the rest of the house. The air was cold and thin and it smelled of beer. i sat there weak and scared. I tried to get up but my hands were tied behind my back. The door swung open and Jack stumbled in. He untied me and that's when the pain started. He just continued to hit, slap, punch, and kick me like there I was some sort of punching bag. He finally finished and I was left there in a pool of blood. I could barely move my body at all. I ended up letting the darkness take over my body and i fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of the door swinging open. Jack grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom. he had a tight grip on my hair and he forced me to look at myself. "Look at yourself your an ugly stupid bitch, no one will ever love you!" Jack yelled. I heard the door swing open downstairs. "Trinity!" I heard Niall yell."You Bitch!" Jack yelled and he smash my face against the window. I let out a scream and darkness took over my body.

Niall's POV

I heard Trinity scream and i ran upstairs with 5 of 6 cops following behind. We reached the bathroom door and I saw Trinity laying there in a pool of blood with glass all around her. The cops took her dad away while the ambulance put Trinity in the back of that car. "You can come with her if you would like." the nurse said and I hopped in the back with her. I took her fragile hand in mine. We arrived at the hospital and the nurse told me to wait outside the door. I did as told and waited to hear about Trinity's condition. 

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