I'll Save You

Trinity is constantly abused by her father since she was 4 years old. her mother was murdered by her father when she was 3. what will happen when she is saved by a certain blonde boy? Will she let him in or let her terrible past control her life forever? Read and find out.


3. Truth or dare


I need someone for Hazza's GF like and favorite this answer the 3 questions at the end of this chapter


Trinity's Pov

Im being discharged from the hospital today and to be honest im really scared. I mean what if niall doenst like me? What if he kicks me out? What if he hits me? the last one scared me the most. Niall walked in and we left. We hoped in a taxi and we were off. By the time we got to niall's Flat it was dark. I checked the time and it was 10 o'clock. Niall got my bag and unlocked the door. I walked in and was in complete shock. This place is huge! I yawned and Niall spoke." You must be tired you can have my bed and ill sleep on the couch."Niall said and smile and began to walk up stairs."No I'm not going to take your bed I'll take the couch."I said being serious."No don't be silly I'll take the couch."Niall began "Ill go get everything tidy." Niall said walking upstairs. Niall came back and showed me to his room. "I'll let you alone so you can sleep" he said but to be honest i didnt want him to leave." Wait please i dont want to be alone." I pleaded. He walked to the other side of the bed and crawled in with me. Niall pulled me into his chest so that my back was up against him. I layers there for a few minutes until darkness took over and i fell asleep.

Nialls Pov

I watched as Trinity drifted into unconsciousness. I began to play with her hair. I watched her sleep for about an hour and then i drifted to sleep myself. I ended up having a dream about her.

***Next Morning***

Trinity's Pov

I woke up the next morning with Niall's arms wrapped protectively around me. I shifted a bit and his eye lids fluttered open." Good morning" Niall said getting up." Wait where are you going?" I asked as I got up and followed him downstairs." To make breakfast" Niall answered. We finished breakfast rather quickly and decided to watch a movie. I let Niall pick the movie and he wouldn't tell me what it is. It turned out to be Saw. The scary part came up and i dug my head into Niall's chest and cried. He quickly shut it off and hugged me as I cried into his chest. When i stopped and looked like normal i went upstairs and changed. When I came down the boys from the hospital were there."Hello Trinity we didn't get properly introduced at the hospital earlier. I'm Louis" louis exclaimed." Hi Louis!"i said. The other boys introduced themselves and we began to really get to know each other. "Let's play truth or dare!" Harry suggested." Okay" i agreed. " I'll go first truth or dare zayn!" Liam said with a smirk." Truth" zayn answered nervously."how many times do u look in the mirror each day?" Liam asked cheekily."20" zayn answered with his head down."Niall truth or dare?" Zayn asked."truth" Niall said. " who do u have a crush on?" Zayn asked already knowing the answer. Niall's face went red and he looked down nervous." Um... Uh..." Niall stuttered. "God Damn it Niall spit it out!" Louis yelled." Um... Trinity!" Niall yelled. My eyes went wide and I could feel the heat rising into my cheek as I blushed. I looked down nervous." We should be going it late. See you tomorrow Niall." Liam said as the boys walked out leaving me and Niall sitting there on the couch." Um look Trinity-" I stopped him." Niall it ok actually i have something I wanna tell you."


What did niall say about the other boys going solo

Who takes the longest on his hair

What day did niall have knee surgery

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