I'll Save You

Trinity is constantly abused by her father since she was 4 years old. her mother was murdered by her father when she was 3. what will happen when she is saved by a certain blonde boy? Will she let him in or let her terrible past control her life forever? Read and find out.


1. Pain

Trinitys POV

"Everyone wants happiness nobody wants pain but u cant have a rainbow with out a little rain"-Marilyn Monroe

That same quote repeated over and over in my head as I drove back home from work. I knew my father would be pissed that i didnt tell him about the extra shift. i did need the money.i pulled into the drive way hoping that my dad was passed out drunk." where the hell have u been"my father screamed at me.i jumped as he screamed at me. he walked closer so that he was standing right in front to me right next to the huge window that showe the whole inside of the house off."I was um... Stuck in traffic."i lied. "you bitch dont lied to me he grabbed my hair and slamed my head against the wall knocking me onto the floor after he continued to kick me. his foot went straight into my ribs a i let out the loudest scream i could as i heard a crack and a fire stared in my ribs.i continued to scream. he kicked my head with all of his force i felt the warm liquid run down my face. i felt my eye lids begin to get heavy and the last thing i saw was a blonde boy on top of my dad as darkness over came me.

Nialls Pov

i walked down the sidewalk as i ran over in my head the fight with management. they continued to tell me that i wasnt good enough that i wasnt getting enoght attention. that i needed a girlfriend. the only problem is that im trying to find the perfect girl.im trying to find the one that gives me butterflies.the one whos eyes sparkle even in the dark. the one who is going to complete me and be my everything. my thoughts were interupted by an ear peircing scream. i looked at where the scream came from and saw a man kicking some one repeatedly. i quickley dialed 999 and the tracked my phone. i dont know what came over me but i barged in and push the man down and began to beat him. i heard sirens and i got off of him. he wa unconsious along with the girl. i walked over to her as the ambulance were checking the man. i moved the girls hair out of her face. Damn was she beautiful. i looked and saw that her necklace said something on it. Trinity. what a beautiful name just like the one who posesses it. the ambulance put her in the back and told me that i coul ride with her. i quickly jumped in the back. Trinity was rushed into the hospital and they had me wait outside. I called the guy and told them that i was staying with a friend. the only problem was that the only thing on my mind was Trinity.

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