I'll Save You

Trinity is constantly abused by her father since she was 4 years old. her mother was murdered by her father when she was 3. what will happen when she is saved by a certain blonde boy? Will she let him in or let her terrible past control her life forever? Read and find out.


4. Date

Trinity's Pov

Niall looked at me nervously."Yeah go ahead."Niall said waiting to hear what i had to say. Niall moved closer so that he was inches away and I had to resist the urge to kiss him. "I like you too." I whispered and thats when i lost it. I pushed my lips to his and he instantly kissed back. The kiss lasted a whole minute but i wanted it to be longer. "Will you go on a date with me?" Niall asked and i nodded quickly. Niall pushed his lips to mine once again. When we pulled away i smiled." The boys were here to remind me that I have to go to the studio. How about when i come back we can go?" Niall asked and i nodded." What time will you be back?" I asked him as he grabbed his jacket." Around 5 o'clock." He answered and smiled. We said good bye and he left.i watched tv till about 4 and then went up to change. I then got a txt from Niall.

N-Wear something Formal!:)

I went to my suit case and pulled out the only dress I had. I slipped it on and got out my curling iron and did a waterfall braid. I applied make up an slipped my shoes on.

Trinity's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=3256145&.svc=copypaste&id=117135697

I heard the door open and Niall walked in holding flowers. Niall's jaw dropped as he saw me and I blushed. "You look beautiful!" Niall said and i thanked him for both the flowers and the compliment. I put the flowers in a vase and we left.

Niall's Pov

Trinity looked absolutely beautiful. She continued to ask me where we were going but i refused to tell her. We pulled into the park. I blind folded her and walked her through the garden. I pulle the blind fold off her and she put her hand to her mouth." Do you like it?" I asked nervously. She answered me by pushing her lips to mine. I just smiled as we pulled away. I had set up a table in the middle of the garden with flowers surrounding the table. I pulled her chair out and she sat down. We ate an talked all night. We had both finally finished and headed home." What about the mess?" Trinity asked." I have some to clean it up." I reassured her. Thanks to the lads. We headed home and both went up to change. Trinity grabbed her pajamas and went to change in the bathroom. I just slipped on some basketball shorts. I waited until she came back and we laid down together. I wrapped my arms around her protectively." Thank you Niall i had an amazing time tonight!" She thanked me for the thousandth time." You don't have to thank me."i whispered in her ear. "Okay."she agreed." Trinity will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her. She just turned around and kissed me. We than fell asleep in each other's arms.

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