The 8th grade dance is around the corner. Hailey is one of the only ones without a date. Her best friend, Kellie is in the cutest relationships. But her boyfriend's "friend" is in love with her. Can Timmy win Hailey's heart by the end of the night? Is Karma going to ruin Kellie's fun? Who is friend zoned and who is actually related?


1. The Start

"Perk up Hailey! It's the 8th grade dance!" My best friend, Kellie said. "I just wish Timmy was here. Even though he rejected me last year, I still like him." I responded. "It's hard for me being in all his classes." "Well maybe, he'll ask you out this year. Or at least say yes if you ask him out." Kellie said. "Let's go. Hanna and Lacy are waiting for us outside to go to the mall." She started to walk out the door and I followed. I secretly hoped Timmy would be there with Jason. Jason is Kellie's boyfriend. Jason and Timmy are like best friends, so of course they'd be together.

We walked into mall and went straight to the Starbucks in the food court where we saw Jason and Timmy. "Hey girls over here!" Jason shouted towards us. Kellie ran over to him and gave him a hug. I followed and sat down at the table. Lacy and Hanna went back to my house where we'd all meet up later. "Hey Timmy." I said quietly. "Oh hey, Hailey." He replied. I blushed. "Hey Kelbel, maybe we should let these two have a little time alone." Jason said with a smirk and they went upstairs to shop.

"So...." Timmy said awkwardly. "What do you like to do for fun?" He asked. "Umm... I don't know. I like to hang out with my friends and... uh..." I paused. I didn't know how to get the words out. I felt so stupid. I can't believe I'm here. "Yeah, me too." He responded. "We should hang out sometime. I would really like to get to know you." He said with a smile. "Okay yeah that sounds fun." I said in return. Then he put his number in my phone and I put mine in his.

We walked over by Jason and Kellie. "Oh hey Timmy, are you ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah." He responded. "Bye Kelbel. Text ya in a little bit." Jason said to Kellie. Then he gave her a hug goodbye. Timmy smiled at me. "I'll text you later Hailey!" He yelled back to me as they were walking out the door. I smiled. "So you got his number, I see." Kellie said with a grin. "What?" I asked. "Oh, nothing.." Kellie replied with that same grin. We grabbed our phones and started to walk back to my house. I couldn't wait to tell all the girls what just happened.

When we got to my house, Tiffany, Hanna and Lacy were sitting in the middle of the floor talking. "Oh my gosh Hailey, Kellie, GUESS WHAT?!" Tiffany shrieked as she pulled me and Kellie into the kitchen. "MATT ASKED ME OUT!" Tiffany screamed without letting us guess. "Oh my gosh Tiffany that's awesome!" I said excitedly. Kellie Shrieked with joy.

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