The 8th grade dance is around the corner. Hailey is one of the only ones without a date. Her best friend, Kellie is in the cutest relationships. But her boyfriend's "friend" is in love with her. Can Timmy win Hailey's heart by the end of the night? Is Karma going to ruin Kellie's fun? Who is friend zoned and who is actually related?


3. Our First Date

I walked over to the Starbucks in the mall food court a few minutes early. I ordered my chocolate chip frappuccino and went to sit at a table. I looked around and saw Timmy walking to me. He sat down across from me.

"Hey!" He said. "Hi!" I responded. "Can I tell you something?" He asked. "Of course you can! You can always trust me." I replied. "I've liked you since English Language Arts in 6th grade." He said blushing."And I'd really like you to be my girlfriend."I looked into his sparkling eyes. "Well luckily for you, I've also had a crush on you since 6th grade so... Of course I'll be your girlfriend." I said sarcastically smiling back at him.

Timmy POV

"Hey Timmy! Over here!" Jason yelled from upstairs. "Hold on! Be up in a sec!" I yelled back. I grabbed Hailey's hand as we walked upstairs. She's finally my girlfriend. She has no idea how much I like her. When we got upstairs, Jason was waiting with Kellie. "Aweeee! Are you two going out now?" Kellie asked in her high pitched fangirling voice. "Yes we are." I said back to her with Hailey's hand still in mine."I couldn't be happier." "My best friend has a girlfriend my best friend has a girlfriend!" Jason started singing loudly. I finally feel like my life is complete. Like she was the missing piece I needed to be happy.

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