Royal Ella

Hi, I'm Ella. Princess Ella. I live in a, you know, castle. My mother is Queen Eleanor and my father is King Jacob. My parents are forcing me to be with Prince Jacob. I have to live by many of rules like, speak well and with respect, work on your posture, be neat when you eat, and many more. It isn't really easy being a princess, there's lot's of arguments and dating and... just read the story to find out.


3. Was this going to be our first kiss?

I was putting lights around the big shades. "Psst." Someone whispered. I looked around and I didn't see anyone. "Mother. Did you hear that?" I asked confused. "Hear what?" She said while getting the music ready. "Never mind." I said and went back to the lights. "Psst." I heard it again. I quickly looked at the window and it was Dylan. I smiled. He told me to come outside. "Mother, I'm going to get some fresh air." She grinned.

"Don't do that! What if my mother saw you?" I giggled. "It's your birthday isn't it?" He had something. "Yes." He bowed. "Happy Birthday Princess." I laughed. "Thank you Dylan." He pulled out a bouquet of roses. I gasped. "Dylan! You di-" He leaned over. Was this going to be our first kiss? I leaned over a little. "Ella dear? Are you here?" I leaned back quickly. "Go!" Dylan started to run. "Yes Mother, I'm here." My mother took my hand. "Come on dear, your father still wants to see you." I looked back too see if you was there and he was gone.   

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