Royal Ella

Hi, I'm Ella. Princess Ella. I live in a, you know, castle. My mother is Queen Eleanor and my father is King Jacob. My parents are forcing me to be with Prince Jacob. I have to live by many of rules like, speak well and with respect, work on your posture, be neat when you eat, and many more. It isn't really easy being a princess, there's lot's of arguments and dating and... just read the story to find out.


8. Sounds Good.

I woke up and it was a beautiful day. Hopefully, Francis will come since all the kings and queens are going to a ball and me and Francis will be alone for once. I put on my blue long dress. "Elaina." I called. "Yes Princess?" She bowed. Elaina was my hair stylist and she helped with my makeup and she designed my dresses. "That looks beautiful on you." She smiled while helping me tie it. "Thank you, I need help with my hair please." I said. "Of course." She went to get her hair stuff.

"What hair style?" She asked showing me a chart of hair styles. "Number 3." I said sitting down. It was curly hair to the side with my bangs clipped back with a rose. It took about ten minutes since Elaina is a pro at this. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like my mother. "It looks great, thank you." I said and hugged her. "Your welcome." She bowed. I left the room and went downstairs. I bowed in front of my parents, "I'm going to go get some fresh air and see Hayes." Hayes was my horse. It is white with a beautiful personality. Do horses have personality's?

"Get one of the guards to go with you." My father demanded. "I won't ride it, I'm just going to see it." I walked out. I was lying. I was going to ride it to Francis's castle. "Hey boy." I gave Hayes a kiss and pet him. I put the saddle on the horse and rode away. "Go boy." I patted him. I got to the castle about 20 min later and it was beautiful. Francis was already outside for his photo shoot. He saw me and smiled. "Ella?" He asked. He took my hand and kissed it. "I decided to visit." I smiled. "I was going to visit. You didn't have to come all the way over here." He told the photographers to come back later. "It's okay. It's only a 20 minute ride. I have my buddy Hayes." I hugged Hayes. He patted the horse. "Do your parents know your here?" He asked. "No." I signed. "I have an idea, after my photo shoot and when my parents leave to the ball, I'll come." He smiled. I smiled back. "Sounds good." I kissed him on the cheek and got back on the horse.

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