Royal Ella

Hi, I'm Ella. Princess Ella. I live in a, you know, castle. My mother is Queen Eleanor and my father is King Jacob. My parents are forcing me to be with Prince Jacob. I have to live by many of rules like, speak well and with respect, work on your posture, be neat when you eat, and many more. It isn't really easy being a princess, there's lot's of arguments and dating and... just read the story to find out.


7. Let's forget about that night.

"Ella." He quickly grabbed me. We were so close to each other. His hand was on my face and he slowly pushed my hair back. "Do that again." He whispered. I leaned over and so did he. Our lips touched and I felt so safe. I felt like I was already in love by the power of our kiss. We slowly let go of the kiss but our faces were close to each other. He smiled and he kissed my cheek. "Our parents are probably worried." I whispered. He kissed me again. "I have to get going anyway. My father is waiting for me at my castle." He held my hand and we started walking to the front of the castle.

"When will we see each other again?" He said while I was petting his horse. "Whenever you would like to see me." I smiled. "I would like to see you anytime Ella." I was probably blushing. "Really?" I grinned. He shook his head (as a yes) and kissed me. He got on his horse. "Well I will stop by sometime." He winked. "I will be waiting." He rode off and I started to walk back.

"I missed you." I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around and it was Dylan. I forgot about him. And I forgot about that night. "Oh hey." He tried to kiss me. But I stepped back. "What's wrong?" He asked. I looked down the lawn and Francis was gone. "Can we just forgot about that night please." He stepped back. "But you said you wanted to." I signed. "I know. I'm sorry Dylan, but I'm a-" He rolled his eyes. "Princess. Yeah I know. Who would fall in love with a normal guy like me? Definitely not a princess." He started to walk away. "No Dylan. That's not what I meant." He turned around. "That's exactly what you meant." And I watched him walk away. 

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