Royal Ella

Hi, I'm Ella. Princess Ella. I live in a, you know, castle. My mother is Queen Eleanor and my father is King Jacob. My parents are forcing me to be with Prince Jacob. I have to live by many of rules like, speak well and with respect, work on your posture, be neat when you eat, and many more. It isn't really easy being a princess, there's lot's of arguments and dating and... just read the story to find out.


2. It's not fair.

"Princess Ella Dear." My butler Jerry knocked on my door. "Yes Jerry?" I yawned, I was still in bed. "Breakfast is ready." I fixed my hair quickly and the blankets that were on the ground. "Come in." I commanded. He quickly came in with a tray and put it next to me and bowed. "Here is your tea, eggs and bacon as you asked." I smiled. "Thank you Jerry, and is my mother up yet?" He looked at his watch. "Yes she was up about an hour ago." It was 9:30. "Bring her in please." He quickly got up and bowed. "Yes Princess."

I quickly changed into my long purple dress, and pinned my hair back. I heard my moms high heels tapping on the marble floor from my room. "Ella dear?" She asked. "Yes, Mother I'm in here." I looked at myself in the mirror. "Happy Birthday Love." She kissed me on the head. "Thank you. Mother, do I have to marry Prince Francis in the future?" I was scared to ask but I did anyway. She looked at me and she was mad. "Ella, you asked me this already, it's mine and your fathers orders and we tell you who you shall marry and who you shouldn't." She signed. "Yes Mama, I understand, but-" She stomped her heels to the ground. "No but's about it." She helped me tie the dress in the back. "It's just not fair mother." She started to walk away. "We talked about this already, and I don't want to hear another word about that come out of your mouth again. Am I clear?" I frowned. "Yes mother." She was about to leave but she said something, "Be in the ball room less than five minutes, you have to decorate for the big day today." She shut the door and left.

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