Royal Ella

Hi, I'm Ella. Princess Ella. I live in a, you know, castle. My mother is Queen Eleanor and my father is King Jacob. My parents are forcing me to be with Prince Jacob. I have to live by many of rules like, speak well and with respect, work on your posture, be neat when you eat, and many more. It isn't really easy being a princess, there's lot's of arguments and dating and... just read the story to find out.


13. ELLA!?

*2 Days Later*

I was so weak, thirsty, hungry, and I was gushing blood on my head and stomach. I saw someone in the distance. As he came closer I noticed it was Dylan! "Dylan?" I cried. "Ella? What the hell happened?" I felt him touch me and I looked him in the eyes and everything turned black.

Dylan's Point of View

"Ella?!" I yelled. How the hell did she get all the way here? "Ella! Can you hear me?" I started to panic. There was 2 horses. I quickly grabbed one and hopped on it with Ella. "GO!" I yelled. The horse started to sprint.

I finally got to the castle. The guards were out. "I need you to leave." One of the guards said. "I have the princess." He yelled. The guards quickly opened the doors and I ran in. "No not you. Give me the princess and go." He stopped me. "Your not taking the credit." I ran in the castle and went in every door but Ella's parents weren't there.

Then I found a big door and I heard crying. I knocked first. "Who is it?" She cried. I quickly opened the door. The queen was crying. "Excuse me!" She yelled. She looked at who I was holding. "ELLA?!" She ran to me.  


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