Hurricane Katia (pewdiecry) *COMING SOON*

"Live now Florida News 9- it's 4:03 PM. All of Brevard county is now on Storm Watch. Areas including Palm Bay, Glencove, and even more specifically Bayside Lakes community are advised to flee as those locations are under Storm Warning. Now, Marie how do do you think of unexpected Hurricane Katia?"

Felix Kjellberg. Traveling his mere way through the soon-to-be atramentous fury filled clouds. Journalist for Dagens Nyheter: if Sweden had a New York Times, that would be it. Soon to be reunited with (not wanting to be associated with his real name) Cry; boldly tied friend, Sea World entertainer, and like the Swede; future Hurricane Katia survivor.

No one saw her coming.


2. day 1 ✇

"My idea of fear is something that you cannot comprehend. Fear is something that happens to you. It pulls you out of your safe zone and pulls you out of your comfort and it makes you feel powerless in your situation. It's something that builds and keeps on beating into that one core aspect of making you feel completely vulnerable. You can't control it. Whenever it happens, you're powerless. You're completely alone. You don't have any means of getting back to safety. You have n o t h i n g . Fear is something that makes you be irrational. Something that puts you into a state of doing things that you would not normally do. Like, cry out for your mother; sprinting towards anywhere. You don't know where but you're just running as fast as you can; trying to get away. But you know deep down, you won't be able to. That's my definition of fear. You're just powerless. "

- Cryaotic, 2012. (Link of audio in External Link.)

"Oh, yeah. Happy Halloween." the face; now unusuallly masked person with protection noted. A tear of the last military food packet created an audible crescent of terror.

"Trick or Treat?" The recently poorly groomed stranger next to him grumbled half-assedly.

"Whatever that is anymore." The last awakened member of the troop said. Her heightened voice like a four-leaf clover in a field full of weeds. Damp weeds.

Present Day: September 3rd, 2014.

Riley Amador- the new Guinness World Record holder (not to mention OlympiaSaven) was placed just yesterday in Florida. Whatever he did so astonishingly that he's a member of the Hall of Fame, Felix couldn't even take a guess. All he knew is that Riley's first interview was being held at Sea World Orlando, Florida. Every reporter, pap, journalist, and newspaper writer (that's him) was going to be zooming in their camera focals for a glimpse at the mid-twenty year old. Felix knew he couldn't resist the somewhat cheap plane ticket from Gothenburg, Sweden to Orlando, Florida. Partially because the newspaper that he works for; Dagens Nyheter has been going downhill recently; keyboards haven't been clacked; editors haven't been up all night; Felix couldn't find one bloody piece of news to write about. The other half of why this was a golden opportunity was merely the coincidence that Cry ( the two males met when they both were living in New York) served as a Sea World entertainer hostess. Stationed at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium to perform 5 days a week. The voguish boys haven't regrouped with each other in quite some time. So the fair Swede was more than eager to jump on Flight #137 for almost 10 (he checked the travel time online) nervy hours. Cry would be in for a treat. Though, he wondered why the ticket was such a good deal. A minor 394 Swedish Krona's, converting to 60 U.S. dollars.


Cry almost -almost- didn't proceed to work today. The newly fabricated super storm Hurricane Katia has swept the Sunshine State by bewilderment and her meteorologists by miscalculation.  News reports state that Katia's unyielding power came from her birthplace: the Gulf of Mexico. From there, she traveled East, sweeping up any and all of the water in her way. She has dodged Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi by a long-shot. Just last night she had made an unexpected turn and is barreling her danger some self towards Florida. But, the reason that Cry still revved his vehicle in reverse this morning was because broadcasters now say Katia has a 56% chance of missing FL completely and settling for the Bahamas instead. It was like Hope in Pandora's box, Cry assumed. He was going to attempt work even if it meant some silly downpour. You see, Riley A. was going to be interviewed from, what? 50 feet from where he was working? His 16 month-old niece saw the Olympian (or "my Ry" as she calls him) on her morning programs one day and ever since then has been obsessing over those ovaloid, grey eyes. Cry still thought she was a little too young to be drooling over men, if you ask him. Nevertheless, he was bent on retrieving some kind of autograph or souvenir for his bug.

So there he was, fleeting down 95, his electronic dashboard set to a weather forecast just in case Katia changed her mind so he could make a snappy U-turn. Head bobbing to Amarante. Now that he thinks about, he really scored the big apple with his job. Which really isn't a job for him, More like an everyday field trip. Being brought up in New York State, there wasn't the thrill of the whimsical Sea World. Sure, they had water parks and aquariums, mind you. Yet, none of them retained the right-in-your-face- wonder Sea World had. He was so very grateful he didn't have to work at a Chilli's ever again. So much so he almost missed his exit for Seaworld Boulevard in his thoughts. After showing his I.D to the gentleman at the entrance toll (He specifically asked his boss if his card would read "Cry" and not his birth name. He complied, luckily.) he rested his vehicle in the non-employee lot. The only downside of his work was that the employee lot was already filled up. But, the bister haired boy didn't mind one bit. As beefy clouds united as one, signifying a brewing storm, he didn't sweat one bit. He could just coop up in the break room with his colleagues until Katia had completed her fit. Maybe sit down with some Sprites and some re-runs of Malcom in the Middle.The Seaworld entertainer was certain of it. What Cry didn't know was the red Jeep across from him was that of his memory-lane companion.

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