Lost Without You

After their reunion tour, the boys spilt up and leave to different side of the world. Jazmine, Niall, and Spencer all stay back in Ireland. But without Caleb, Jazmine is forced to live her life in sadness. But what happens when he moves back? Will everything be the same, or will everything change?
Read midnight memories and after the memories first.


9. Chapter 9

(Dress Jaz wears leaving the hospital)


I'm guessing by the look on his face what ever it was, wasn't good. So I pretended to be tired and let him sleep while I think. Why did he give me that look of pity when he walked in? Why was he so upset? And what is that annoying poking in my back?

 I brought my hand back to grab it. I grabbed it and felt a warm hand.
I knew it was Caleb's because he wears a ring that has the same charm as my necklace.
I put my fingers through his and rested them on my hip. Now then back to thoughts. Wait, what was I thinking? Oh yeah, what's going on with me? I sighed and turned over. I buried my head into his chest. He wouldn't noticed if I cried, right? He probably would. I sight and put my head in a pillow. I groaned and let the tears fall freely. I cried silently not making a sound. I don't even know why I'm crying. I'm so stupid. I don't even know my own reason for crying! And I have a hot boyfriend laying right beside me and I take him for granite. You know what? I'm going to show him how effing much I love him. Oh my gosh! What is wrong with me? I'm just a screw up. Ugh! Stop thinking. I finally just stopped. I stopped my tears and turned over. I moved the pillow and laid my head on Caleb's chest and told myself to go to sleep. Eventually I did. Crying.
I woke up before Caleb and looked to see my pillow still wet. I wiped under my eyes and felt dry and cracked parts on my face.
"God." I mumbled.
I put my finger in my mouth and wiped my face, trying to get off the dry tears. I sighed again and snuggled against his chest. He moved around and mumbled something. I smiled and ran my fingers lightly across the back of his neck. He shivered and put his hand on my back. I giggled a little and ran my fingers down his neck.
"Stop." He chuckled out.
I just did it again, but kept on. His chuckling soon became a little laugh.
"Please stop," He gasped out
"No baby," I said slowly, tiredly.
He sighed as I put  my fingers in his hair. I smiled a little and closed my eyes. Caleb sighed again and put his head into the crook of my neck.
"So, when am I getting out of here?" I asked.
"Today, I think." He said.
His lips went to my neck and lightly kissed it. I giggled and hit his chest. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me.
"You always have to touch me," I giggled out.
"You always have to touch me," he mocked me.
"Did you just mock me?"
"Did you just mock me?"
I hit his chest and said,"You're impossible." 
He laughed and butterfly kissed my cheek. I giggled and put my face in his neck.
"Why are you so cute?" He said out loud.
I giggled again.
The doctor walked in and had a clip board in his hand.
"How are you doing today?" He asked me.
"Fine. Am I getting out today?" I asked.
"Well, you get straight to the point," he said, while I rolled my eyes, "but yes you are. I just need to ask you some questions."
"Okay." I said, waiting on him.
"Have you experienced any emotional changes?"
"Have you been feeling tired?"
"A little."
"Are you feeling any pain in you limbs?"
"Do you everything from this week?"
"Alright you're ready to go. You sling can be removed in 2 weeks.You can tak it off for showes, changing, and any other kind of water thing except for drinking." He smiled at me and went out of the room.
"Yay! I can come home." I giggled.
Oh, have I missed my bed. Caleb reached into my purse and pulled out a dress. I grabbed it and walked to the bathroom. I took the sling off and set it onthe side on the sink. I tried taking off the hospital gown, but I couldn't reach it.
"Caleb," I said poking my head out the door.
"Yes?" He asked. 
"Can you, like help me?" I blushed and smiled at him.
He smiled back and walked in, not saying a word.
"I swear I won't look," He said.
"Not like I care," I mumbled.
He chuckled and turned me around.
"You're still wearing that lace, aren't you?" He asked.
"Maybe," I giggled.
He laughed and untied the gown. He slowly pushed it pass my shoulders and let it fall. He put his lips to where my shoulder and neck meet.

"I thought you were supposed to be helping me, not trying to seduce me." I giggled out.

"What's life without a little of both?" He asked me.

I laughed and let him continue. He pulled me close to him and swayed us from side to side.

"And what's life without a little romance?", he asked.

I giggled and rested my head on his shoulder, smiling at him. He looked down at me with a face of adortion.

"You're so beautiful," He whispered.

I smiled and looked down, blushing. He chuckled and squeezed me tightly. He turned me around and pressed his lips to mine. I instantly kissed him back and wrapped my arm around his neck. He put his hands on my waist lifting me slightly. I squealed a little. He smiled and pulled back.

"You need to wrap your legs around my waist or you're going to fall", he said.

I looped my legs around his waist as he hoisted me up into his arms. I held onto his shoulder as he held onto my butt for support. He smiled at me and, as he said, he didn't look at my body at all. I smiled back and kissed him. He kissed back, obvisously. I let his push his tongue pass my lips and rub his tongue against mine. I moaned into his mouth and he groaned in return.I pulled back and put my forehead against his.

"If someone were to walk in, they'd take this the wrong way", I giggled.

He chuckled, "Yeah, they probably would."

We laughed and he sat me down. I grabbed the dress and handed it to him. He unbuckled the belt and pulled it over my head. I put the sleeves on and buckled the latch. I grabbed the sling and put it back on.  I pecked Caleb's lips and walked over to my purse. I grabbed my boots that were sitting next to it and put them on. I stuck all my stuff in my purse. I walked out the door and extended my hand for Caleb. You know what i just realized? My baby! My car!

"No." I groaned

"What?" Caleb asked.

"My car!" I exclaimed.

Caleb bursted out lauhnging at me.

"What? My car, is my baby," I said

And he just starts laughing harder. I groaned and punched him in the arm.

"Ouch! What has the arm ever done to you?", he acte hurt.

"It's not the arm. It's just the owner is a d!ck"

"He has one," he smirked.

"I know he does," I smirked back.

"He has a big ego that goes with it, also", I added.

He laughed and we walked to the front desk. I signed the release form and walked out with Caleb. We walked to his car, which might I say, is very nice. We got in and headed towards my house. I leaned my head on the window and closed my eyes. I felt warmth on my knee and looked down. Caleb put his hand on my thigh in a comforting guester. I smiled and put my hand over his squeezing slightly. He lipped his hand over and laced our finger together. I closed my eyes again.


I opened my eyes and saw us to be at my house. I smiled sleepily and grabbed my purse as he parked infront of the house. He smiled at me and helped me get out. I smiled sleepily back and let him carry me bridle-style to the front door. He opened the door and closed it lightly, trying not to make any noise.

"I love you", I whispered.

"I love you too", he whispered back.

I smiled and started to walkup the stairs. He followed behind me. I got to my room and opened the door slowly and looked around. I walked over to my bed, laid down, and waited for Caleb. He chuckled and walked over to me. He took off his shirt and unbuckled the belt on my dress. He slid the dress out from underneath me and slid his shirt on me. I smiled at him, as he unbuckled his belt and left himself in only boxers. He put my dress in the hamper and walked back over to me. He pulled the overs over me and slid in next to me. He pecked my lips and wrapped me into his arms. I smiled and put my hands onto his and closed my eyes. I slowly slid into a deep sleep.


Caleb P.O.V.

She fell asleep slowly and I let her go. I walked out and knocked softly on her parents door. Her mother answered and looked at me happily.

"Hello Caleb." She said lowly, with a bright smile.

"Hello Spencer." I smiled back.

"How may I help you?"

"You know how Jazmine's birthday is coming up..."

"Yes I do. What's going on?"

"Well, um, I was wondering... I want to do something special and I need your's and Niall's consent to ask for this." I said with a smile.

"You mean... Oh my, you do!" She squealed.

"So I need the consent, so my grandmothers diamond and ring don't go to waste." I said with a wider smile.

"You have mine. Niall!"


"This boy needs your consent for your daughter!"

"Caleb Styles, you have my consent!"

I smiled and thought of next month. I can't wait!


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