Lost Without You

After their reunion tour, the boys spilt up and leave to different side of the world. Jazmine, Niall, and Spencer all stay back in Ireland. But without Caleb, Jazmine is forced to live her life in sadness. But what happens when he moves back? Will everything be the same, or will everything change?
Read midnight memories and after the memories first.


7. Chapter 7

Caleb's P.O.V.

"You're a good kid Caleb." And I looked up to see Niall smiling brightly at me.

"Thank you, Sir." I smiled looking at him.

He walked over and patted me on my back. I smiled back and looked down at the beauty before seeing her eye twitch.

"Do you guys wanna talk to her?" I asked smirking knowing good and well that she was awake.

"Sure." Niall said.

I walked over to her and shook her slightly. I didn't want to kiss her in front of them. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around at us. She sat up very slow like and rubbed her face. By the way her chest was shaking I was guessing she was silently laughing.

"Hi." She said and looked to Niall.

"Hey baby." He said and hugged her.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"The doctors are fixing to come in to run some tests. They say they want everyone but family out. So me, your mum, Taylor, and Jake are coming in. We want to see you." Niall said.

"Okay. Bye Harry." She said and hugged him.

"Love you sweetheart." He said and grabbed Niall's shoulder walking out.

"Bye babe." She said.

I walked over to her and hugged her. I kissed her forehead.

"I love you. See you later." I said.

"I love you. Bye." She said and kissed my lips softly, her heart rate picking up.

I smiled looking at it.

"When was the last time you noticed it?" I asked.

"Certainly not last night." She giggled.

I smiled and pecked her lips once more before walking out.

I walked out with a smile and Niall and the test if the Horans walking in. I walked into the waiting room and saw Michael glaring at me.

"What do you want?" I hissed at him.

Oh yeah did I mention he broke my sisters heart.

"What? Can I not sit here?" He asked.

"Not if you're going to look at me like that you fag." I said.

His face turned red as he looked over to his father who was wide eyed.

"What? Don't have the balls to say or do anything back?" I asked.

"Shut up." He said.

"No. You shouldn't have messed with a Styles." I said walking away to my sister.

She looked up to me and smiled. I sat down and smiled at her.

"Can I just stuff his balls down his throat?" I asked whoever was next to me, which happened to be Hayden and Piper.

"Fine with me. Apparently he's been a d*ck to Nikki and Jaz ever since you guys left." Hayden said.

"Yeah. Rip his balls off!" Piper screamed.

"Oh my god." I said.

Sky shook her head and put her head down.

"Oh I gotta go." I said realizing I had work in.... 30 minutes.

"Why did you get a job again?" Sky asks.

"Because I told Charlie I'd go

straight back when we moved back. He told me to come today because he heard about Jaz so he let me off for the day. I gotta go." I spoke faster than normally.

Sky nodded remembering my old job at the guitar and music shop. Charlie owns both.

I ran out to my car and started driving towards the music shop. As soon as I got there I jumped out and ran into the shop.

"Charlie I'm here!" I screamed earning a few glances from people.

"Caleb. In here my man." He said back.

Charlie had brown almost black hair with blue eyes that looked like Jaz's almost. He had a little facial hair but it was mostly shaven. He was taller than me. 6'5 he was. To girls he's probably hot but to me. He was nothing but a best friend

I walked into the employes lounge and saw him sitting in a bing-bag chair.

"What do you want me to do first?" I asked smiling.

"Stack the CDs correctly. Help some people out and when Ben leaves take his place." He listed off things. I nodded and took the box he gestured to and started stacking CDs. I felt a tap to my shoulder and turned around.

"Hello can I help you?" I asked politely.

"Yes um I'm looking for a Jake Wood cd?" She said. I nodded and led her to the w section and let her pick out which ever she wanted walking away. I stacked CDs again and saw Ben starting to leave. I walked up to the front desk and sat in the rolly chair. This place hasn't changed at all. I sighed and started to ring up stuff for some gothic dude and handed him his CDs after he paid.

"Caleb your phone going crazy." Charlie screaming.

I chuckled and grabbed it. I furrowed eyebrows seeing that my sister had texted me even though I've only been gone for like two hours.

Sky- Jaz is upset you left.

Caleb-Tell her I'm at my JOB

Sky-She knows. She just misses you.

Caleb-Well I miss her 2. Tell her I said kissed and love you. Love ya sis I gotta go.

She didn't text back so I assume she went to talk to Jaz. I smiled and sat at the front again in front of the cash register.

Jaz's P.O.V.

I pouted as I knew that Caleb wasn't here any more. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Imaging Caleb here running his fingers though my hair softly singing made me tired. I moved one of the pillows over and snuggled into it, pretending it was my baby's chest. It's sad, right? I just missed him for so long and he's finally here, with me, and all mine. I smiled at the thought and cuddled closer to the pillow. I sighed knowing that it's not Caleb and just an uncomfortable pillow I was wishing it was him. I could smell him on the pillows though. I smiled and heard the door open. I looked over and saw my dad.

"Can you like cuddle with me or something I can't seem to fall asleep?" I giggled.

He laughed and thought about it for a moment.

"I'll go get your mum." He said and walked out.

I sighed and leaned back as the door opened again. My mum walked over and laid down on the bed w

It's me. I cuddled into her sighing.

"You already miss him." She giggled.

"Well duh." I said.

She laughed and hugged me tighter.

(A/N) Hey guys. Bree here. I am so sorry for the shirt chapter. I'm at school so. I'll post later

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