Lost Without You

After their reunion tour, the boys spilt up and leave to different side of the world. Jazmine, Niall, and Spencer all stay back in Ireland. But without Caleb, Jazmine is forced to live her life in sadness. But what happens when he moves back? Will everything be the same, or will everything change?
Read midnight memories and after the memories first.


1. Chapter 1

Jazmine's P.O.V.


"Why do you have to leave?" I cried holding onto his shirt, soaking it with tears.

"It's not me. It's our dads. They've been fighting lately." He said, rubbing my back, trying to hold his own tears in.

"Please don't leave me." I choked out, sobs coming out of my mouth. I've been wishing and praying this day wouldn't come, 'cause it always comes to quickly.

He sighed and took my tiny hands into his enormous ones. "I won't ever leave you. Just think in a couple of years I'll be with you again." He said hopefully.

I cried harder sobs escaping my lips forcefully. He took out a silver box with a bow on top of it and handed it to me.

"Wear this and I'll always be with you. Forever and always in your heart. I'll be with you." He smiled as he spoke, tears finally falling.

I took it out and saw a beautiful necklace with a heart and arrow charm. He took it from me to put it on me. I turned around so my back was facing him. He slowly put it on me. I turned back around, sobs still being pushed though my lips.

"I love you." I said softly then smiled.

"I love you too." He said and kissed my lips softly.

"Bye Jaz." He whispered.

"Bye Caleb." I whispered back.



I turned my music on full blast waiting for dinner to be done.

"She's sitting at the table, the hours get later

He was supposed to be here

She's sure he would have called

She waits a little longer, there's no one in the driveway

No one's said they've seen him

Why, is something wrong?

She looks back to the window

Suddenly the phone rings

A voice says something's happened

That she should come right now

Her mind goes to December

She thinks of when he asked her

He bent down on his knees first

And he said

I want you forever, forever and always

Through the good and the bad and the ugly

We'll grow old together

Forever and always

She pulls up to the entrance

She walks right to the front desk

They lead her down a million halls, a maze that's never ending

They talk about what happened but she can barely hear them

She tries to keep a straight face as she walks into the room

She sits by his bedside, holds his hand too tight

They talk about the kids they're gonna have and the good life

The house on the hillside, where they would stay

Stay there forever, forever and always

Through the good and the bad and the ugly

We'll grow old together, and always remember

Whether rich or for poor or for better

We'll still love each other, forever and alway

Then she gets an idea and calls in the nurses

Brings up the chaplain and he says a couple verses

She borrows some rings from the couple next door

Everybody's laughing as the tears fall on the floor

She looks into his eyes, and she says

I want you forever, forever and always

Through the good and the bad and the ugly

We'll grow old together, and always remember

Whether happy or sad or whatever

We'll still love each other, forever and always

Forever and always, forever and always

She finishes the vows but the beeps are getting too slow

His voice is almost too low

As he says, I love you forever, forever and always

Please just remember even if I'm not there

I'll always love you, forever and always." I softly sang with the music.

I sighed and laid my head back. He probably doesn't even miss me. Just hitting it off with American girls. Tears sprung into my eyes. I miss him so much.

"Sweetheart! Dinner's ready." I heard my dad scream.

I turned off Kiss Me Slowly and walked out of my room.

Why did he have to go?


One year later


I've gotten over Caleb a little bit but I still miss him like crazy though. I wonder if he's changed. I miss his brown strands of hair. I sighed and walked down the halls with my new best friend, Leah. She was blabbing about some new band, that I honestly don't care about. I like the old bands not the new.

"Are you listening?" Leah screamed.

"No." I answered truthfully.

"Well fine. I won't tell you about the new hot (made up person) Jake Wood." She told me.

"I told you, I don't know or care who he is." I sighed.

She laughed at me and ran down the hallway. God, she's lucky I love her.


Hello people, Bree here

I decided to change the entire book so I made time to make this first chapter. It's horrid I know. So I'll leave you with this and tell me whatcha think


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