Never-Ending War

No one will be satisfied until she is captured. The angels and demons continue to fight for her life not knowing that she not only has her own power but the power of another full blood angel and a full blood demon on her side. I have sworn to protect her with my life and that is exactly what I will do.

Just letting you know it might be a little confusing because it goes back to the beginning before there were actually any "dark forces" and they watch the angels fall and then everything starts.


4. The Fall

Danielle has been working for two years to earn her wings and she now has them and must learn the responsibilities of being an angel. She's doing really well with that and she's mastering her new level 0 angel powers really well too. These powers include minor healing and simple mind reading. You can't start new angels off with all of the powers. She's ready to go I believe and I'm ready to send her off so that she can be happy but it can't happen. The pit has been locked.

"What's happening, Sebastien?" She asks.

"I don't know. It's not good whatever it is." I say. I look back up at the colorless sky and suddenly a lightning bolt strikes down causing everything except for the city to catch fire. I looked back up and saw tiny objects falling from the sky. The angels. As I watched them fall everything about them that was brilliant and bright suddenly changed to a dark and dull beauty. The humans quickly locked the gates as if that would keep the angels out and huddled in front of the court house. We all watched as they continued to fall, Lucifer's whole choir. The last ones were the 7 or 8 "princes" along with Luci himself.


The first night after the fall was peaceful. No fallen angels attacked us. I realized that it was because they were targeting Earthly humans first. The humans in their territory would be too easy. So, the first demon is created and called Satan. He is most commonly known as the snake in the story of Adam and Eve. That story is what sparked little quarrels between angels and demons but what really started it was something that happened years later.


It's been pretty peaceful for a few years now. It looks like the demons are pretty caught up with their Earthly targets. I'm sitting and eating breakfast with Danielle talking about everything angel when suddenly there's an earthquake which doesn't happen in Hell. We get up and run outside to see that the whole wall has been turned to rubble and there is an army of demons lead by the 7 princes. The attack was fast and almost painless except for the fact that most of the humans were taken from me or killed right on the spot. I couldn't do anything because the princes, who used to be my brothers, had me paralyzed. I was forced to stand and watch as the demon who was the supreme ruler otherwise known as Satan took Danielle the now full blooded angel. They left just as soon as they came and I was left with nothing. I started to lose hope because I thought I had failed but then I got a message.

'Do not lose hope for your mission has yet to begin. Get yourself prepared for this mission and don't lose your faith.'

So I didn't lose my faith and my answer as to what my mission was came about a year later with the birth of the hybrid.


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