Never-Ending War

No one will be satisfied until she is captured. The angels and demons continue to fight for her life not knowing that she not only has her own power but the power of another full blood angel and a full blood demon on her side. I have sworn to protect her with my life and that is exactly what I will do.

Just letting you know it might be a little confusing because it goes back to the beginning before there were actually any "dark forces" and they watch the angels fall and then everything starts.


5. New Mission: Protect The Hybrid Princess

It has been a little less than 5 years since the hybrid princess was born. Her father never lets her outside because supposedly she is a monster. From what I've heard she can barely function. Can't hear, see or speak and I guess that is her punishment for the taboo that her parents committed. I'm still in Hell with a few humans who have not lost their sanity. I rule over the human city and pretend to be one of the fallen so that nobody outside of the city questions me. I have made friends with a demon girl, Katherine. She is a princess and her family rules over the second circle. She's having family issues because she can't seem to agree with the family's ideals. I'm going to enlist her help in getting the hybrid princess.


"Sir!" A man bursts through the door. 

"Yes. What is it?" I ask him. He stops for a minute to catch his breath.

"The hybrid princess has murdered her mother." He says. 

"That's impossible. She's only five years old and she can't see or hear. It doesn't make any sense." I say. The man nods.

"Yes I know. There was a statement made earlier this week by The Big Man himself saying that the girl and her mother were to be publicly executed. He is trying to make the little princess seem like even more of a monster than she really is." The man says. I nod.

"Thank you. You can go now. I have an important call to make." I tell him. He nods and ducks out of the door. I sigh and run my hand through my hair. I knew this was going to happen. I close my eyes and find the image of the person that I wish to speak to. There's a little ringing noise and then I feel the connection.

"Katherine?" I ask. I can hear music in the background.

"Yes. What's up?" She asks.

"Am I interrupting something?" I ask. 

"No. Just a stupid ball that my parents forced me to attend. Did you know that they are planning on killing me tonight? So anyway, what was it that you called about?" She says. I sigh again. Why does everything in this place have to be so messed up?

"The little hybrid has been imprisoned on the charges of killing her mother. I was going to ask if by any chance you could get close enough to rescue her but I think you are a little preoccupied with your own problems." I say. I'm about to cut off the connection when she stops me.

"Wait. I can send someone." She says.I can hear the hint of a smile in her voice. "That is if you don't mind reptiles." She finishes. I laugh a little. I forgot that every royal family has a specific animal group that they can shift into and control. Katherine's family just happens to control reptiles.

"That's fine. I will be awaiting the reptiles with the little princess. You know where to go after you "die" , right?" I ask. She scoffs at me.

"Of course I know. I will be there as soon as the moon shines red. Oh wait that's always. Oh well. I'll be there at some point." She says and then she cuts off the connection. I sit back and smile, she always knows how to make light of such serious situations. I hope she will be alright. Now all I can do is sit and wait for the little hybrid to show up.

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