Never-Ending War

No one will be satisfied until she is captured. The angels and demons continue to fight for her life not knowing that she not only has her own power but the power of another full blood angel and a full blood demon on her side. I have sworn to protect her with my life and that is exactly what I will do.

Just letting you know it might be a little confusing because it goes back to the beginning before there were actually any "dark forces" and they watch the angels fall and then everything starts.


7. Katherine

I sit with Kathryn until she finishes her food and she holds out her plate for me to take. I grab it out of her hands and she yawns and lays back on the bed.

'I guess I'll take a nap now. Thank you, Sebastien.' She says before her eyes close. I smile at her and walk out of the room closing the door. I set the plate back in the kitchen and retire to my own room for some much needed rest.


"Hey! Princess! I think that's enough beauty sleep for now." Someone screams in my ear. I pull my pillow over my ears to block the person out. Then I hear an evil laugh. "Sebastien. You are going to force me to do something that you won't like." Then I feel small hands start touching me or more like tickling and I throw the pillow at her as she falls off the bed and I sit up. "Finally. I mean seriously, I've been trying to wake you up for an hour." She says. I just raise an eyebrow at her and stand up from my bed. 

"What are you doing here? I thought you had an event." I ask her as I hold my hand out to help her up. She grabs my hand and jumps up with a little help from me.

"Well you see that's the interesting thing. I had an event but then I got dragged away in the middle of it by my father. Then I woke up in the back of a carriage heading god knows where. At least now I don't have to put on a face for the crowds." She tells me. I nod. "Ooo, where did you put the princess? I really want to meet her. Can you show me where she is?" She asks while clinging to my arm and jumping up and down like a child.

"I will show you but can you leave me alone so that I can get presentable?" I grumble at her. She looks at me and rolls her eyes.

"You look fine. I mean it's not like you're going outside for anything. Now come on and show me the princess." She says as she pulls on my arm trying to get me out of my room. I run my hand down my face and sigh. I smile and shake my head at her as I walk out of the room with her. I look around and see some younger human girls looking very angry that I have a girl clinging to my arm.

"I think you should stop holding onto my arm. You are getting death stares." I tell her. She turns around still holding onto my arm and sticks her tongue out at the girls who all shriek in jealousy before running away. I just laugh and shake my head at her childish antics. "Did you have to do that? You're already giving the humans the wrong idea about me and now they are jealous because they think I have a demon girlfriend." I tell her. She just smiles and nods. We walk down to where the infirmary is and I lead her to an isolated room where I'm keeping the princess for now. "Be careful how you speak to her, she has quite a temper for being such a small child." I warn her before I open the door. She walks in before me and Kathryn instantly stands on guard staring in our direction.

'Who's there?' She asks. 

'I'm Katherine. I'm the one who rescued you from your cell.' Katherine introduces herself diving right into the telepathic communication. Kathryn looks confused for a second but then smiles and holds out her hand in our general direction. Katherine looks confused and I push her forward toward the young girl.

"She wants to thank you with a hand shake." I tell her and she nods her head and smiles walking forward to grasp the young girls hand.

'You're welcome.' She says with a smile on her face even though Kathryn can't see it. Kathryn's face falls when she comes into contact with Katherine's hand. It's not surprising because it probably feels deathly cold and all to familiar to her. Katherine pulls her hand back realizing that she's scaring the young girl and she steps back. It'll take a while for her to get used to being around another demon but I think she and Katherine will learn to get along.

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