My Man(Lollipop series)

Read lollipop then don't judge me first!
Diana lives a normal life-not! She lives in a house with four males and one woman and one girl. How could her life ever be possible? Will she ever give in to My man?


1. Sneaking out

Nate POV

"Fuck it, Di, We're going there, wether they like it or not."

She sniggered and paused.

"Get the clothes"

I took out the clothes from my jacket. I stuffed some in my bra so it looked like I had a boob job, but I jacked it so we could wear it at the award ceremony.

"Shit these look hot Nate"

"I must admit, I actually do have some taste in fashion" I said, mimicking Barbara's voice.

We both giggled and was set to work.

We actually giggled because the clothes looked like shit, so were customizing them.

I made some tore up denim shorts with black leggings under them which I had from my wardrobe. Then I made a denim jacket(sleeveless) with a white top under it, which was again, from my wardrobe. On top of it I had a moustache neckalace with black converses. It looked great.


Diana POV

I had a long sleeved mickey mouse top, but rolled up the sleeves and I had a peace sign neckalace. I had tore up jeans and had a spray tan to show my skin with White vans. I also wore a snapback. Oh did I tell you? Todays the day!

We're sneaking out. I'm not a good girl. I learnt that when I was 10.

We used a taxi. We couldn't be bothered to travel fancy. You know what? Nate hasn't ever went out without makeup, but today she did! I dkn't think she even noticed.

I haven't talked to Zayn since he broke his promise. I'm not planning to anyway. I hate him.

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