The One Direction Academy

~I didn't come up with the name The One Direction Academy I saw a picture and I felt like writing a story about it~

Lola Montez had to go to a, well, special school. She had to go because her friends Stella McKenzie, and Toni Honey were going. Stella, and Toni are directioners. Lola is a Sheerio. They go to the school and get a little surprise. It's a One Direction school. It is called The One Direction Academy. The principal is called Mr. Cowell. There are five teachers everybody likes. Mr. Styles (the english teacher), Mr. Horan (the choir teacher), Mr. Payne (the maths teacher), Mr. Tomlinson (the drama teacher), and Mr. Malik (the art teacher). Who will Lola fall for? Who will Stella fall for? Who will Toni fall for?


3. Settling in

Toni's POV

~2 hours later~

We were on our way to the academy. Once it was in view the girls stared in awe. I just giggled at them.

"Toni! Are you sure that you are related to Mr. Cowell?" Stella asks

"Yup! He is my uncle! Unless my dad isn't a Cowell" I say

"Oh My God! This school is beautiful!" Lola yells

I just giggled as we pulled into the school. Once I turned off the car we were greeted by Mr. Cowell. Once I saw him I gave him a huge hug.

"Uncle Cowell!" I yelled.

"Toni!" he yelled back.

We hugged for a minute. When we pulled out of the hug he looked at me and my friends.

"All three of you will each get a dorm right next to each other." he instructs.

"Okay!" we say in unison.

~In my dorm~

When we entered the room I instantly jumped on the bed. My uncle and the girls laughed at me. I looked at them and slightly glared.

Stella's POV

After we unpacked it was around nine at night. We all sat on Toni's beds and played on our phones. There was a knock on the door. Toni went and answered it.

"Hello girls" Mr. Cowell says to us

"Hi Mr. Cowell" I say to him.

"I have your schedule's for all of your classes" he says as he hands us the papers.

"Thank you!" Stella says gratefully.

"Your welcome girls. And if your hungry I could show you to the cafeteria." He says

"That would be lovely" I say

He shows us to the cafeteria. Once we got there I saw that it was mostly empty, but we headed to get our food. We ate our food and went back to our room. We went to bed once we got back to our room.

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