The One Direction Academy

~I didn't come up with the name The One Direction Academy I saw a picture and I felt like writing a story about it~

Lola Montez had to go to a, well, special school. She had to go because her friends Stella McKenzie, and Toni Honey were going. Stella, and Toni are directioners. Lola is a Sheerio. They go to the school and get a little surprise. It's a One Direction school. It is called The One Direction Academy. The principal is called Mr. Cowell. There are five teachers everybody likes. Mr. Styles (the english teacher), Mr. Horan (the choir teacher), Mr. Payne (the maths teacher), Mr. Tomlinson (the drama teacher), and Mr. Malik (the art teacher). Who will Lola fall for? Who will Stella fall for? Who will Toni fall for?


10. See Yeh in the Castle!

Stella's P.O.V.

"So, you and Mr. Tomlinson . . . umm . . . rocked it up?" I asked Lola.

She hesitantly nodded and then said, "Yup! Why do you ask?"

"Oh. My. God." I said. Then quieter, "I can't believe you fucked a teacher."

"I know right," then looked over to Mr. Tomlinson. "Mr. Tomlinson . . ."

"Louis. It's just Louis." she cut me off.

"Not when we're in school, no." I say. Just then Toni walked in dreamily. She was so dream-like, that she almost ran into a wall. 

"What's up with her?" Lola asked me with a concerned look in her face. 

"Umm . . . I just know that her and Mr. Horan were kissing." I informed her. "I caught them."

"Oh. They probably did dirty things." she said to me with a 'grossed out' face. I nodded then got up to help Toni.

I put my hands on her shoulders, and brought her to the small wall that Lola and I were sitting.

"Come on, come on . . ." I said to her. She sat down on the wall in between me and Lola. 

"What did you and Horan do?" Lola interviewed her. 

"It was so nice." Toni said in a whisper. "We saw Captain America. Then we went out for dinner at a really nice restaurant. Then we kissed. Then Stella barged in. Then I locked the door. Then we had sex. It was so much fun."

"How come Lola can get Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? How come Toni can get Niall Horan?" I asked rhetorically, jumping off of the wall. Just then I heard three voices behind me.

"Who knows Stella." Mr. Louis Tomlinson.

"I think that it's just them." Mr. Horan-that-Toni-calls-Niall.

"Why? What did Louis and Lola do?" Zayn bloody Malik.

"I think that I just heard Principal Cowell call my name. Bye!" Lola said quickly as I turned around. She ran almost a meter before I grabbed her arm, and pulled her over to me. 

"Lola, what did you and Louis do?" Zayn said menacingly. Lola looked at Louis fearfully. 

"Zayn, come down." Louis said to him. 

"No, Louis." Zayn said to him. Then a dark look came over him. "You and Lola . . . fucked."

Everyone looked from Lola, to Louis, to Zayn. 

"Uhm . . . See yeh in the castle!" Lola yelled, then she ran away. 


So sorry that was so short! A little bit of a writers block. I'll probably be able to write more chapter 12. 


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