The One Direction Academy

~I didn't come up with the name The One Direction Academy I saw a picture and I felt like writing a story about it~

Lola Montez had to go to a, well, special school. She had to go because her friends Stella McKenzie, and Toni Honey were going. Stella, and Toni are directioners. Lola is a Sheerio. They go to the school and get a little surprise. It's a One Direction school. It is called The One Direction Academy. The principal is called Mr. Cowell. There are five teachers everybody likes. Mr. Styles (the english teacher), Mr. Horan (the choir teacher), Mr. Payne (the maths teacher), Mr. Tomlinson (the drama teacher), and Mr. Malik (the art teacher). Who will Lola fall for? Who will Stella fall for? Who will Toni fall for?


9. Mr. Horan?

Toni's POV

While I was walking back to my dorm Mr. Horan called out to me. I spun around and saw Mr. Horan running towards me.

"Toni!" he calls as he runs

"Toni, I was wondering if you would like to..... oh...... I don't know........ get dinner sometime with me?" he asks nervously once he caught up to me.

"Um..... Sure, Friday?" I ask

His face lights up once I said that.

"Okay!" he replies happily.

We talked for a while. We walked around the campus discussing random stuff.

~Friday~ (Wednesday and Thursday are also the same schedule)

I got up to my alarm going off at 6:30. I groaned and got out of bed and went and took a shower. When I was finished I got into a pink long sleeve shirt with a bow on it, jean shorts, and pink converse.

(This is what the outfit looks like)

I grabbed my schedule and looked at it. Friday: 8:00-Drama with Mr. Tomlinson 9:00-Maths with Mr. Payne 10:30-English with Mr. Styles 12:00-Lunch 1:00-IT with Mrs. Harper 2:00-PE with Mrs. Roberts 3:00-School is over.

I started walking to my first class. That's when I noticed that I didn't have Lola or Stella with me. It was a little to late to 'cause I was already in class. I looked at Mr. Tomlinson and waved at him.

"Hi Mr. Tomlinson!" I said as I waved

"Hi, Ms. Cowell!" he says as he waves back.

I run up to him and whisper

"Mr. Tomlinson I go by Toni Honey. I don't want special treatment because I'm a Cowell"

He nods and I go to my seat. Stella and Lola walk in. When they see me with an angry look. I just smile and wave innocently. They walk over to me and sit down next to me.

"Okay class today we are going to learn a play and we will have auditions" Mr. Tomlinson says

"Mr. Tomlinson, What play are we doing?" Lola asks as she raises her hand

"We are doing Grease" he says

~7 1/2 hours later~

I was hurrying back to my dorm to shower and change. Once I got to my dorm I got a text from Mr. Horan.

From: Horan

I'll see in an hour ;)

I quickly replied and jumped into the shower. When I got out I changed into a silver top, black high low skirt and gold heels. Once I finished my make up and hair there was a knock on my door.

(This is the outfit)

Mr. Horan took me to go see Captain America. After he took me out to dinner. It was a wonderful day.

"That was a wonderful date Mr. Horan" I say to him

"Please call me Niall" he says

"But calling people by there last names is a turn on for me" I say seductively.

"Oh really?" he asks

"Yes, really" I say

We walked into my dorm together. I put my stuff down and turned to Niall. He looked at me and started moving towards me. He had me up against the wall. He looked at my lips then back to my eyes.

"May I?" he asks

I don't answer him I just kiss him. He kisses me back instantly. We were in a full out make out session. All of the sudden the door swings open. Me and Niall pull apart and look at the door. Stella was staring at us with a huge grin on her face.

"Sorry to interrupt" she says as she closes the door behind her.

I laugh. I walk over to the door and lock it.

"Now we wont be interrupted" I say as I go and kiss him again.

We make out for a long while. I finally decide to grab the hem of his shirt. He pulls out of the kiss. He looks me in the eyes. I just nod. He takes his shirt off. And kisses me passionately. He picks me up and carries me over to the bed. He puts me on the bed and takes off our shoes. He climbs on the bed and hovers over me. We make out as he takes off my top and my skirt. Leaving me in my undergarments. I unbutton his pants and take them off. You know what happens next.

~Next Day~

I woke up next to Niall. I watch his sleeping face for a while. When he wakes up he sees me and softly smiles. I smile back. He hugs me. Our naked bodies touch. I get a shiver of pleasure.

"Morning Beautiful" he says

"Morning Horan" I say and kiss his cheek

After two hours of cuddling I get up and go take a shower. When I got out I saw that Niall was still laying on my bed naked. I just laugh and got dressed.

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