The One Direction Academy

~I didn't come up with the name The One Direction Academy I saw a picture and I felt like writing a story about it~

Lola Montez had to go to a, well, special school. She had to go because her friends Stella McKenzie, and Toni Honey were going. Stella, and Toni are directioners. Lola is a Sheerio. They go to the school and get a little surprise. It's a One Direction school. It is called The One Direction Academy. The principal is called Mr. Cowell. There are five teachers everybody likes. Mr. Styles (the english teacher), Mr. Horan (the choir teacher), Mr. Payne (the maths teacher), Mr. Tomlinson (the drama teacher), and Mr. Malik (the art teacher). Who will Lola fall for? Who will Stella fall for? Who will Toni fall for?


4. Liam Payne; Harry Styles; Niall Horan

Louis' P.O.V.

"She was beautiful!" I said, talking about Lola. 

"She was wasn't she." Zayn said. "Do you think that she'll take Art?"

"She has to. I wanna ask if she'll take Drama." 

"She has to."

"I know." 

"Who are you talking about?" Niall said. He, Harry, and Liam were sitting on my bed listening to me and Zayn talk.

"Yeah, who are you talking about?" Harry asked after Niall.

"Who has you boys all worked up?" Liam asked.

"Feel the fire where she walks." Zayn started singing.

"Lola Montez so beautiful." I started singing with him.

"Shady and a tempered dame." I sang.

"Blinding your eyes with her spider dance." Zayn sang with me. I threw on a shirt. We all laughed. 

"What does this Lola Montez look like?" Harry asked. 

"She has pretty blue eyes." Zayn said.

"And nice dark blonde hair." I said.

"Nice." Liam said. "Oh 7:00. Time to go."

We all left my room, and started walking.

Lola's P.O.V.

"This is our schedule for Monday." Stella said. Toni started reading hers. I was still thinking about Louis and Zayn. They were both so hot. Louis' light blue eyes. Zayn's dark brown ones. Both of their tattoos. 

"8:00-Choir with Mr. Horan; 9:00-English with Mr. Styles; 10:30-Maths with Mr. Payne; 12:00-Lunch; 1:00-Science with Mrs. Kalin; 2:30-Agriculture with Mrs. McGomery; 4:00-Study Hall; 5:00- School is over" 

"Wow . . . ." Stella said.

"Mr. Horan, Mr. Payne, Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Malik, and Mr. Styles!" Toni said. "As in: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles!"

"One Direction!" Stella yelled.

"Lola, why are you so quiet?" Toni asked me.

"No one." I said.

"No one! It's a boy, isn't it!?" Stella asked. 

"No . . . it's not." I said quietly. Louis and Zayn were both hot.

"You met Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik!" Stella and Toni said in unison. 

"How do you guys know?" I asked. That's when I realized, "I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yup! We have an hour. Spill!" Toni said.

"I can't." I said. I really don't know why I can't. I just don't really want to tell them that I hit Louis Tomlinson with my car. They'll flip!

"Tell us!" Stella exclaimed. 

(A/N: This is what Lola was wearing:


What Stella was wearing:

What Toni was wearing:

A/N is over)

"Not now. It's 7:30, time to brush our teeth." I said. "Goodbye."

They left for their rooms. I walked into the bathroom of my dorm room and started to brush. 

*knock* *knock*

I finished quickly and went to get the door.

"Lola!" I heard a high boy british accent say enthusiastically.

"Louis!" I said showing the same enthusiasm.

"Lola!" Zayn yelled.

"Zayn!" I yelled.

"So this is Lola Montez." I heard a deep british accent say.

"Harry Styles. Your friends with Ed Sheeran. And my friends love you. They love One Direction actually." I said. Harry smiled.

"I am friends with Ed Sheeran, nice of you to notice." he said.

"I like her." an irish voice said. Niall.

"Good for you Niall Horan." I said. "I've seen pictures of you with Ed Sheeran."

"Well you seem to know all of us." another deep british voice said.

"Your friends with Ed. Liam Payne." I said.

"Oh my god!" I heard Stella say. Liam, Niall, and Harry turned around. Zayn grabbed my hand, I blushed a little and held on to his. I noticed Louis look over at me and Zayn. So he grabbed my hand. I blushed a lot and held on to his. I looked over at Zayn, then at Louis. 

"Yes, Stella? Toni?" I said. 

"Explain to us why you have a Louis Tomlinson on your right arm. A Zayn Malik on your left arm. A Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne in your room. Explain, missy!" Toni said. I let go of Louis and Zayn's hands and walked over to them. 

"Boys. This is Stella." I said pointing to her. Then pointed to Toni, "And Toni."

"Got it. I'm Niall." obviously Niall said.

"Liam" obviously Liam.

"Harry" obviously Louis *sarcasm*. 

"Louis" obviously Louis *not sarcasm*.

"Zayn" who else could have said that. A potato?

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