The One Direction Academy

~I didn't come up with the name The One Direction Academy I saw a picture and I felt like writing a story about it~

Lola Montez had to go to a, well, special school. She had to go because her friends Stella McKenzie, and Toni Honey were going. Stella, and Toni are directioners. Lola is a Sheerio. They go to the school and get a little surprise. It's a One Direction school. It is called The One Direction Academy. The principal is called Mr. Cowell. There are five teachers everybody likes. Mr. Styles (the english teacher), Mr. Horan (the choir teacher), Mr. Payne (the maths teacher), Mr. Tomlinson (the drama teacher), and Mr. Malik (the art teacher). Who will Lola fall for? Who will Stella fall for? Who will Toni fall for?


6. English and Maths

Harry's P.O.V.

The bell went off. This was my first class of the year. You may be asking: Why is the biggest man-band of the world teaching at a school? Well, that's the question that I've been asking this whole time. They don't tell me. Or, Simon won't tell me.

The girls started pilling in.

"Here's the seating chart." I said grabbing the paper off of my desk.I started pointing to seats saying who sat there.

I pointed to the seat near my desk. "Stella McKenzie"

She sat down. I started pointing down the aisle, saying who sat in the chair.

"Alice Smith. Clover Williams. Eilidh Quelch. Freya Hall." I finished with the first of the 4 rows. I looked up and saw that all of the girls in their seats. I started pointing down the second row.

"Gracie Davis. Jessamine Foster. Lola Montez. Millie Brown. Lydia Shaw." I said. They all were in their seats. I started the 3rd row.

"Catriona Cook. Cressida Cook. Beatrix Wilkinson. Amelie Harrison. Toni Honey." They were in their seats. I noticed that Toni, Lola, and Stella were staring longingly for each other. I could tell that they were friends. I mean they were outside Lola's dorm. I shook off the thought, and started reading off the people in the back row.

"Tilly Olson. Tamson Morse. Eva Johnson. Zara Matthews. Maisie Mead." I looked up and they were all in their seats. I decided to start the day off easy.

"I'm gonna have you guys stand up in front and introduce yourselves. Let's start with Stella." I announced. I was actually interested in her. She was beautiful. She wasn't wearing make-up, other than some of the other girls in the class. Stella walked up confidently.

"Hello, my name is Stella McKenzie. I am 19 years old." She looked over to me. "What else should I say?"

"Who's your favorite in One Direction?" I asked her.

"Of course you! If I said any of the other boys it wouldn't make much sense, now would it?" she said to me. I smiled. "I'm I done now?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, sit down."

She sat. I started calling people up and they said who they were, their age, and their favorite in One Direction. They all said me. Well, all but a couple. I girl with dirty-blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. Ms. Lola Montez. A.K.A. the girl that Zayn and Louis are obsessing over.

"My name is Lola Montez. I-" she began. I started to sing the Volbeat song.

"Wherever she walks. She'll be captivating all the men. Don't look in her eyes, you might fall and find the love of your life. Heavenly, but she'll catch you in her web. The love of your life, yeah." I sang. Everyone was staring at me. They all looked mesmerized by my singing. I looked at Stella, she was bitting her lip and smiling. I looked over at Lola. She was glaring at me. "Uhm. Sorry, Lola. Go on."

"Well, as I was saying, I'm 19 years old. Mr. Styles can I sit down?" she asked angrily.

"Hold up." I said. I got off my desk that I was leaning on and walked up to her.

"Who's your favorite in One Direction?" I asked. I'm gonna totally tell Louis and Zayn the answer.

"I'm not a big fan of One Direction. I like Ed Sheeran." she said. Everyone gazed at her. Stella was giggling. Toni was trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Okay then, if you had to choose a favorite of One Direction who would you chose?" I asked her.

"If I absolutely had to, I'd say either Louis or Zayn." she said. Then she nodded and walked over to her seat. Sat down without even asking if she could. Everyone (but Stella and Toni) looked at me to get angry at her, I just nodded and said:

"Okay, who's next?"

It went on to Mille Brown and Lydia Shaw. Then Catriona Cook and Cressida Cook (who were almost twins, Catriona was born December 31 11:58, while Cressida was born January 1 12:01). After them Beatrix Wilkinson and Amelie Harrison went. 

"And now Toni Honey. Nice name." I said to her as she ran up the aisle smiling. 

"Thanks." she got to the front. "My name is Toni Honey. I'm 19."

"Who's your favorite in One Direction?" I asked her as I asked everyone else.

"I should say you, but I like Niall." she said.

"Understood. Go ahead and sit down." I said. She walked to her seat. Next up Tilly Olson. Tamson Morse came after her. After Tamson, Eva Johnson went up. Zara Matthews, then Maisie Mead went last. Maisie sat down and it was 10:25. Five minutes 'til the end of class.

"Everyone pack up their things, get ready for Mr. Leeyummy Payne!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. All of the girls laughed at my Lirry moment. Stella was laughing while putting her bag on her shoulder (I totally am getting her to love me), Lola was actually giggling at what I had said, and Toni was laughing really hard. The bell went off. I walked back to my desk, Stella started walking towards me.

"Stella!" Toni yelled at her. She frowned, waved at me (I waved back of course), then turned on her heels and ran to Lola and Toni.

Liam's P.O.V.

The class left and the new-comers came in. Out of the crowd I spotted Stella's shining black hair. She was beautiful. The only part that sucked was that I think Harry likes her too. Once everyone was in the back I got out the seating chart and said who sat in what desk.

"Millie Brown; Catriola Cook; Cressida Cook; Gracie Davis; Jessamine Foster; Freya Hall; Amelie Harrison; Toni Honey; Eva Johnson; Zara Matthews; Stella McKenzie; Maisie Mead; Lola Montez; Tamson Morse; Tilly Olson; Eilidh Quelch; Lydia Shaw; Alice Smith; Beatrix Wilkinson; Clover Williams" I read. As soon as I looked up at the 5 rows of 4 to see that they were all in their seats.

"Okay, hello. I guess that I'll introduce myself to you guys. My name is Liam Payne. You can call me Mr. Payne or Mr. Payne Train, whatever you want, it just has to have a Mr. in it." I began. They all looked really interested in what I had to say. Stella was looking curiously as to what I had to say (so was everyone else, but I was a lot more interested in Stella), Toni was staring me down (Niall likes her and he said that if anyone else likes her, he'd get really angry and win her), Lola was looking around the classroom in her 4th row (she seemed to get both Louis and Zayn's affection). "I have two sisters name Nicola, who's 25 years old right now, and Ruth, who's 23 years old. I am 20 years old, almost 21."

(A/N: I don't really know how old Nicola and Ruth are. I just know that sometime in 2011, Nicola was 22. Ruth is about 2 years younger so I just said 23)

"Now will everyone come up and introduce themselves." I said. Everyone got up one-by-one.

~After school~

That day was so much fun. I got in my dorm room after locking my (Maths) door, and walking with the other boys to each of their dorms. Since my room was the very last I had to walk longer down the hall.




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