The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


13. What was lost, returns back?

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Chapter 13 is now finish, I hope that people will enjoy it. Also, just a little reminder. I got a few reviews/comments on the lasts chapter. I'm glad that people want to help me, trust me I am. However, I feel like I'm repeating myself over and over.

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Anyway, enjoy this chapter and I promise, the ending is going to be a bit of a hang cliff ;3




Chapter 13. What was lost, returns back?

8 months.

8 months. 2 Days. 15 hours.

That's how long, Harry and Tom had their first truly kiss together. That's how long they also, happened to be together as well. Not quiet to the knowing of some Death Eaters knowledge or the world, but people knew, that they shouldn't get near Harry without getting a death glare from the Dark lord too.

For those 8 months, has Tom trained Harry in different spells, self defends and even smaller things, such as muggles weapons. Unbelievably, Tom had a little interesting thing to the old medieval weapons, such as swords, bows and arrows, you name it. However, it wasn't only because he do like those weapons, some places around the world, had a Magical free zone. That means, that you weren't able to use your magic by wand, or by hand.

Tom had learnt that long time ago, being trapped in a Magical free zone, only having a pocketknife and a water bottle on him. That's another story, one he always could save for later to tell.

A fighting staff hit Harry at his cheek, then right shoulder and in the stomach. The staff was withdrawn again, while it trailed between Tom's fingers.

"Ouch!" Harry bent down on his knee, holding his hand at his stomach and spat blood out from his mouth. "You need to work on your movements, Harry. We can't have, that they easily can knock you out and tie you to a chair, now can we?" Tom asked, he held the fighting staff to him, rolling it between his thumbs, before he let the end of it rest upon the stone surface on the floor. He could see the marks from the fighting staff on Harry, one at his cheek, another to his shoulder and stomach.

"Easy for you to tell, I didn't saw you came that way." Harry mumbled, he wiped his mouth clean from the blood.

"Did you lost a tooth?" Tom asked, he fiddled with the fighting staff, as he glanced back again at Harry.

"No, why shoul-"

"Shame, I had hoped it would have taught you a lesson…." Tom said, he couldn't handle but giving a teasing smile toward Harry.

"Jerk…." Harry muttered.

"But, I'm your jerk…" Tom corrected him, seeing Harry had a little smile on his lips.

Tom stepped over to Harry again, where he reached his hand down to him. Harry hesitated, this could be one of Tom's sneaky tricks, but he choose to trust him, since he already wounded enough. The teen grab the out stretched hand, being helped up from the floor, before he were guided to a chair.

"Your movements is what there can safe you in the end, Harry. Know, that I only train with you like this, to show the reality over what they can do to you an-"

"You already explained that to me, for one hundreds of times now, Tom. I know what you are doing, so don't tell it each time you get a hit through to me." Harry interrupted him, he closed his eyes, when Tom's wand was pointed at his face.

"I still wanna make sure, that you know I mean you no harm into this." the dark lord said, he let his wand wave gently around Harry's cheek, making the pain go away. He moved it down to the mark on Harry's shoulder, then lower to his stomach.

"I agreed that you could hurt me if needed. I'm done being afraid." Harry muttered, he felt Tom pressed some sort of fabric to his hands, when Harry opened his eyes right there and then, he saw the t-shirt that Tom gave him.

"It's almost dinner time, we should stop for today." Their eyes connected a moment, it was like Harry could see something within Tom's eyes, that he haven't seen before.

"Right, I should go wash up…" Harry was the first one to break the connection between them, he pulled the shirt over his head and down over his chest to cover his body from any other sight.

"You should, if you need me after dinner, I'll be in my study room." Tom smiled at him, a rare sight only few people was able to get from him.

The teen nodded, but made no reply to him, before he left the training room. He ran a hand through his messy hair, as he looked down at the hallway.

Somehow, his thoughts went back again to the day, that he cast his Soul Mate Patronus. That day, was the strangest day he ever could think about. He had simply wanted to write to his friends, but ended to do the Patronus spell and show every single Death Eater, who might know what the spell was about, that he and Tom was soul mates.

Well, that's what he and Severus at least thought. If Tom could cast it, where his Patronus would go to Harry, then it would be confirmed. However, Tom never cast the Patronus, come to think about it, could Tom ever cast a Patronus?

He stood in front at the bathroom door, a hand on the door grab, while his mind was wild in memories. He remember that Remus had told, Tom never was able to cast a Patronus. Maybe because of his background? Maybe because Tom never had a good and happy memory to cast one?

Not everyone can cast a Patronus, Harry. Especially those, who do not happen to have a memory there is happy enough.

Harry shook his head a little, getting out from his mind a moment, before turning the door grab and entered the bathroom. He was so near to close the door again, but a force swung the door opened and someone got inside along with Harry.

The teen automatically stepped back, as he leaned against the sink, seeing none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. The emerald eyes stared at her, as she shut the door and locked it.

"It was really the time, that you and I had a little talk, Potter." She nothing but purred with an insanely smile at her lips.

"So you define 'little talk' with keeping me trapped inside a bathroom, with you?" Harry asked, he kept his hands behind his back, grabbing on the sink the whole time. He wasn't that afraid of Bellatrix, but he felt a rage building up inside him. She killed his godfather; she killed Sirius, who he was to have a life with after he would be cleared in the ministry of magic.

"It's better than being around a werewolf and talk, isn't it, Potter? Anyway…." Bellatrix dared to get near Harry, but the teen showed no fear towards her. Only anger and rage within his emerald eyes.

"I see you are still mad, Potter. Do you really hold that much rage within you now? I think maybe The Dark lord, is making you more to his pet than to anything else. There are talks and rumors between us Death Eaters, half of them think you are finally joining our side, the other half, well…." Bellatrix let a hand get under her chin, as she smirked at Harry.

"We just believe you are under his spell, that you are forced to be here and you finally gave up on yourself. Do you really want to be dead, potter? " She asked.

"None of those things is true or even close to it…." Harry replied, then he got an idea, knowing too well that Bellatrix had this weird kind of love toward Tom.

"You wanna know what I am doing with him?" Harry asked her, he noticed she raised an eyebrow in a curiously matter.

This was going to hit hard, Harry know it and gosh, he want to see how much of his training really had paid off, if it happened she got mad.

"Well? Spit it out!" She snapped.

"What a way to speak to the Dark Lord's Consort, don't you think?" Harry asked. "I bet, that if i speak one bad word about you, you would be abandoned from his sight forever." Harry spoke.

"What?! Silly boy, what are you talking about?!" Bellatrix hissed, she gripped onto Harry's shirt and held him against the sink a bit to hard.

Harry just smirked at her, while he leaned forward to her ear. "I am his consort, Trix. So if i were you, I would be very careful not to bruise or harm what belongs to him. He is very protective toward me, you know?" He said low.

Bellatrix growled, she pushed Harry hard backward against the pillow, it broke a bit in pieces where she stepped back and pointed her wand at Harry.



The last spell wasn't shouted out from Harry, he hasn't been that fast to get to his wand, near to his pocket knife if he had been needing it. Both Bellatrix and Harry looked back at the door, it stood opened, but it looked like a Death Eater, since the person wore a mask and the dark robes around him.

"How dare-!"

"How dare you, Bellatrix…." beside the male, appeared Tom with the most cold and disappointed look he ever could have.

"M-My lord…" She said, as she bowed toward him.

"I think I was very clear, about no one and I meant, 'no one', was to harm young Mr. Harry Potter. " Tom's cold voice spoke, it echoed a little in the bathroom, which sent chills down at Harry's spin. Even after he know, that Tom was protecting him, he still couldn't handle the cold voice.

"He was mocking me, My lord! That little brat is-"

"Is still going to be around here, until I say something else, Bellatrix." Tom interrupted her. "Now, because you have been a loyal servant to me for a long time. I will give you a choice." He said, while getting inside and went near Harry. "Even you leave the mansion and do your mission along with Fenrir, or you will be disowned and properly killed in front at everyone, so they can see that my orders still count as deadly, if they choose to disobey me. "

"If i were you, i do choose death, because Fenrir might be in his werewolf state, that he want to mate with everything there moves and breathes." Harry comment, before he gently walked beside Tom and looked at the Death Eater who had been the one to cast the Protego spell over him.

Bellatrix didn't seem to want either of the choices, she looked at her lord, only on a way Tom could understand what she thought. "You are dismissed, we will talk later then. " Tom said coldly, as he made a hand for her to leave.

She didn't needed to be told twice, she muttered a low thank you, while she went off and past the other Death Eater. Tom's face turned back to the soft expression again, before he turned back to Harry.

"Did she manage to hurt you?" Tom asked, he placed a hand at Harry's cheek.

"I'm fine, I was close to do something before...well...he cast the protego spell over me." Harry said, as he made a nod toward the Death Eater behind Tom.

Tom placed his hand at Harry's shoulder, before he gently pushed him a bit toward the door. "We need to talk, he's going with us." Tom said low to him. "Do not be afraid." He whispered.

However, Harry was afraid. He hated to see Death Eaters wearing their masks, he hated to not know who was underneath. He had walked with Tom, but felt uncomfortable when the Death Eater followed them.

Did he maybe know about them? Was he maybe a person that Tom trusted? The teen wasn't certain, but he trusted Tom in his choices by now.

For the sixth time, Harry actually was in Tom's study. The room was big, the walls build with shelves and a lot of books were around it. Near the window, was the desk that was covered with open books, parchments, quills and small things that Harry couldn't make out from where he stood.

He heard the door close behind them, but didn't look back at the Death eater, only looking at Tom, who walked in front at him.

"I know you are angry from last year, Harry. What happened in the ministry, was horrible." Tom started, he leaned against his desk, his arms fold against his chest while he glanced at Harry.

"If you are trying to defend her, the-"

"I'm not defending her, I'm trying to explain what you didn't know about that day." Tom interrupted.

"What happened?" Harry asked, his voice obviously showed he was getting upset. "I can tell what happened, Sirius helped me in the Ministry, after I thought you tortured him, I was upset, I was…." Harry clung his hands together, having them in fists by now.

"You were upset, you thought you lost someone that day." Tom said softly.

"I did lose someone, I lost the only family member I thought i had left. I lost the only chance to get Sirius name cleaned! So that we could live together! I lost...Everything...that day." He wanted to be strong, he didn't want to show tears, but he felt the hot tears welling up in his eyes.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, but it wasn't from Tom. "What you didn't know, was that he never died, Harry…."

Harry felt his heart arch, his breath hitched. That voice….

As he turned, he looked up at the Death Eater, seeing the mask being removed and the hood lowered.

The black hair appeared….. Emerald teary eyes met the grey soft one, a smile being on the male's lips…




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