The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


12. The Warning and Punishment?

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Yup another chapter is done with TBP, i hope people will enjoy this. Again I apologize for the long waiting, crazy stuff has been going on and do to a little illness, i haven't been able to write on with this story. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. And as always, I apologize for grammar mistakes and such things, I am still dyslexic with a couple of things.


Chapter 12. The Warning and Punishment?



Tom shifted his eyes at his fellows, seeing most of them glanced at him, but few was looking at the young teen by the door. "As everyone know….." Tom said, his voice turned ice cold, which made the Death eaters turn to look at their lord.

"Mr. Potter is at the mansion, I already expect that no one lays a finger on him. He is mine to give punishments to, he is mine to reward as well. If I hear from him, that someone in here crosses his way in a bad shade, I will feed you to Nagini, are we clear?" Tom narrowed his eyes around the Death eaters, several of them nodded, also showing fear toward their lord.

Respect at the best. That is at least what Tom would say for now. "Severus, will you please escort Mr. Potter back to his room?" Tom asked, he took a file from the table, containing important papers that he needed to have a look into soon.

"Yes, My lord." Severus answered; he stood from his seat and walked over to Harry, who had stared at Tom for a while, even his cheeks flushed a little from the attention the Death eaters gave him in the end.

Severus placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, turning the raven-haired teen around and got him out from the room. The doors closed behind them, but Harry had seen that Tom had given him a look, which just told. We will speak later, Harry.

"It was very unintelligent to do that, Harry." Severus said, while he escorted Harry down at the corridor toward his bedchambers.

"Wasn't it Tom, who wanted me to practices the spell, so he could watch it later on?" Harry questioned, he fold his arms against his chest, still feeling the redness on his cheeks.

He had just embarrassed himself, had he not? On the other hand, maybe he had embarrassed Tom? He was uncertain, but he know that look Tom gave him, it was maybe not a good talk, which they would have later on.

"I am concerned over, that you might brought yourself in a big danger." Severus exclaimed, he opened the door into Harry's room and let the teen get inside.

"What kind of danger? Oh let me guess, the whole pack of Death Eaters will now be after me?" The teen asked in a mocking matter, before he turned to the potion master again.

"I wouldn't be mock talking like that, Harry. Do I need to remind you, that the Death Eaters also have an own will to actually lure you off the grounds, even harming you?" Severus asked, he closed the door after he had entered the room himself.

"Lure me? Yeah right, as if I would go with any of them." Harry mumbled he took seat on the bed; he placed his wand on the bed beside him.

"I will warn you, Harry. Even if one of the Death Eaters tries to befriend you, be careful to whom you are going to lay your trust to." Severus said, he had placed his hand at the door, turning slightly away to show he was going out.

"Yeah, yeah….I just know that I'm in trouble when Tom arrives here." Harry muttered, he ran a hand through his hair, before he looked at his potion master.

"Severus? Can I….Can I ask you something?" Harry asked.

"You just did…."Severus replied.

"Something else…." Harry mumbled a little irritated.

Severus raised an eyebrow in a question matter, before he gave Harry permission to ask with a slight nod at him.

"What…did the spell really show, that Patronus I cast?" Harry asked him, he rubbed his fingers together, nervous about the answer.

It might had taken Severus several minutes to think it through, before he stood and faced Harry with his whole body, his arms fold behind him.

"The Patronus you so cleverly casted before, it would search out for your soulmate, which in this case shows to be The Dark Lord." Severus explained, he could see that Harry tends a little up over the answer, he might even looked nervous or shocked?

"Yet, a Patronus can be wrong at times, it might be in this case, since we all know that our Lord is resistant for any sort of love potions, charms and so on." The potion master exclaimed.

The words ran through Harry's mind, so the Death eaters thinks that Tom is unable to love?

"How… can you possibly prove or see if he is not able to show that kind of love?" Harry asked him.

"Paying attention has always been a weak ability of yours, Harry." Severus sighed, he rubbed his index and thumb at his forehead.

"If you haven't noticed, I have been through a lot through my uncle and aunts house, so maybe to beat the knowledge out of me!" Harry snapped, he paused as he saw that Severus looked strangely at him.

"I didn't…meant to put it that way…." Harry corrected himself, he turned his head away, and cheeks went red of embarrassment if not shame?

Severus stared at the boy for a while, before he shook his head a bit. "I suggest you get some sleep, before the dark lord arrives to speak with you." The potion master explained, before he walked out from the room and closed the door.

The teen sighed, he wasn't certain about all this. Maybe he really had screwed Tom? Or maybe he sat questionmark over Tom, for his follows to believe if Tom really was going to be the dark lord still.

Harry laid down in the bed, he tugged the pillow under his head while he took the sheet over his head. He just wanted to sleep now, he just felt like hiding right now.

Slumber took over him, he haven't been able to remove his glasses before he went into the dark of his sleep.

Harry wasn't sure how many hours, that he had been asleep. He felt good under the blanket, his head nuzzled into the fluffy pillow belong his head, as he let a sigh escape him. He had been awake, but his eyelids felt to heavy for him to open up. A soft sigh escape him, he just loved to relax a bit, the slumberness in his body proved, that he had not been thinking about earlier today. How his patronus had found Tom, how he had bursted into the meeting room with all the Death eaters.

A gently hand ran through his dark and messy hair, he leaned into it for a second. He had not noticed someone had sat down in the bed beside him, nor registret the bed had become heavy at his right side.


Harry fluttered his eyes opened, the emerald green eyes met a pair of bloody red ones. He frowned for a second, before he let a yawn escaped him while he sat up in his bed. He rubbed a hand over his face, while resting his back on the headboard.

"Sorry, I guess I….fell asleep." The teen rasped, he tried to clear his throat since he could feel how dry it was.

Tom shook his head slightly, while he watched Harry for the time being. "Guess you did that, yes. How are you feeling, Harry?" The Dark lord asked, he let Harry adjust to the awaking, seeing that Harry still looked very tired.

Harry took a moment to answer, since today's events slowly came to him. "T-Tom I-"

"You don't have to say anything, Harry." Tom interrupted him, as he gave a soft smile to him, he his hand rest upon Harry's cheek, while caressing his cheek softly with his thumb.

Harry shook his head a little, however, he leaned against the caressing thumb, easily searching out the closeness for another person. "I bet i ruined it all, didn't I?" He mumbled low, his emerald eyes looked at the floor. He heard a small laughter, which he couldn't resist to look up and see it came from Tom.

"Ruined it? What should you perhaps ruin?" Tom asked, his lips were curled up in a soft smile, he looked like he enjoyed this, even the teasing on him or just that Tom was close to Harry again.

"Your...meeting, perhaps your statutes as a fearful dark lord. I don't know!" Harry suddenly outburst. "I could have ruined a lot, even Severu-"

"Severus is trying to show, that every step you do or every choice you make, there will always be consequences. So by the thing you did today, Harry, there will perhaps come a consequence." The dark lord explained, he let his hand get off Harry's cheek, while he placed both his hands down on the bed.

Harry nodded, while he looked down at the bed, his hands fumbled a bit with the rem of his shirt. "So basically, you are going to punish me for actually doing the spell, and show it leaded to you?" he mumbled.

Harry didn't heard an answer from Tom, which made him a bit worried. Did that mean yes? Harry felt that Tom sat closer to him, he was preparing himself for whatever Tom had to put on him. A hit, a beat, heck even the torturing curse.

None of the things he thought about, happened to him. Harry felt Tom gently slide his spectacles off his nose, he would be very blind without the round spectacles. Tom fold them, before he sat them over at the nightstand, while his other hand gently slide to Harry's left cheek.

Emerald blurry eyes, met the blood red eyes from the dark lord. Tom was inches away from Harry's lips, his face being clear for him now. He said no words, just fluttering his eyes closed, when he felt the soft lips upon his own.

Tom cupped his cheeks properly, holding Harry's cheeks between his palms, while he kissed the teen soft and sweetly. It was a little surprise, that Harry found himself kissing Tom back, wait no, scratch that. He know, that he like Tom a great deal, but right now...he couldn't be more happy, than he was right now.

Tom broke the kiss, which made Harry whimper in need, why did he do that?! He could hardly see the smirk on Tom's lips, when he lowered his head, kissing Harry's neck, while he sneaked an arm around Harry's waist.

"Is this punishment enough, Harry?" He whispered near his ear, while he hold Harry closer against his firm and muscular chest. Harry didn't found the words he wanted to speak, a simple nod went from him, before he felt Tom's lips against his own once more, this time a bit firmer and deeper. Tom had pushed him down on the bed, trapping his wrists above his head, while their kiss lingered a bit more.



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