The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


7. The Truth Behind The Muggles.

Hey readers. Yes I am back again with Chapter 7, I thought I do make a bit of a background too. Last time I got a Inbox message, asking me to write a bit about this. So here we go, again I’m sorry for my grammar, but no one is perfect in this world.

I learned from a very good friend some words, that I should take in more often when I get hater Inbox messages or hater comments.

“Haters Gonna Hate”

So yeah, now I got chapter 7 finish, I hope people enjoy :3


Chapter 7. The Truth Behind The Muggles.


~At Hogwarts~

It’s been weeks now since Harry disappeared, no one had heard anything from him. No one know where Harry had went, even not his best friends.

Hermione and Ron was getting worried, they had been restless since they were unknown about Harry’s disappearing. However, Hermione had a few things on mind, to why Harry had disappeared.

It were only a week left of their school time, Harry had not yet showed up. So Ron and Hermione had been called up to Headmasters office, both of them know why.

Hermione and Ron where looking at the headmaster, they had been calling to the office again so Dumbledore could hear if they had gotten any news from Harry. Even the Potion Master had been nearby, standing in a corner to listen and even speak out his ‘truth’ about Harry.

“Mr. Weasley, could you please tell me if you have heard anything from Harry. His disappearing concern us very much, a few thinks he do run off. But should there be a reason behind that?” The Headmaster asked with his calm voice, as he where looking at the Gryffindor.

“Well…Harry never really go in details you see, I could think about one thing, but then I thought over it again.” Ron mumbled, as he where rubbing his arm a bit. He felt a poke at his shoulder from Hermione, who also sent him a small glaring.

“What?” Ron asked her, as he rubbed his shoulder from her poke.

“To be honest, Headmaster.” Hermione said, as he eyes looked at the Headmaster. She shifted uncomfortable in her seat, as she fold her hands on her lap.

“The school time is almost over, it means Harry should return to his muggle family. In all honestly, I think you won’t be able to find him, even if you were looking for him. I do not believe you would make him go back to those muggles, they are treating him very bad.” She explained, her voice staying in the calm tone.

“Pardon me, Miss Granger?” Dumbledore said, as he looked confused and curious at Hermione.

Hermione looked at the headmaster, as she cocked her head aside. “Harry never told you about them, did he?” She asked him.

“I will be glad to hear what you are trying to tell, Miss. Granger.” Dumbledore said, but Hermione couldn’t answer before Ron spoke up.

“Those Muggles abuse him Sir, that’s why!” Ron spat a bit angrily, he had been looking a bit at the ground, as his face and ears went red as his hair. “I thought even you would have known, they abuse him so badly. You sent him back every summer, just so they could hit him and starve him.” He mumbled, as he kept his gaze at the ground.

“Mr. Weasley.” Snape said, as he stepped forward very slowly.

“What is that thing, you are so badly trying to claim here?” Snape asked him, while he saw Ron turned in his seat. If looks could kill, Snape do be dead by now since Ron was glaring daggers at him.

“As I said, they are abusing him an- Ow! Mione!” Ron whined, as he held his hand at his head when Hermione had wacked him.

“Sorry Professor, at times Harry speaks about his muggle family to us.” She took over the talk, as she looked at the headmaster.

“Harry told us, that his family starved him a lot. His cousin used him as a beating ball, or...” She paused, as her eyes went over to Ron.

“A game his cousin made called ‘Harry Hunting’. I believe that it was about his cousin, trying to catch him with his…gang…where they would beat him up afterwards” She mumbled, as she looked at the Headmaster again.

“They hardly gave him food, why do you always think he looks so thin doing the first day at school?” She asked him.

“It have never come to my attention, he have requested for me before to be at the burrow with your Family, Mr. Weasley.” Dumbledore said, as he looked at Ron while he seem like he were thinking.

“I will think about those things, thank you both of you.” Dumbledore then said, as he waved them off.

“Professor?” Hermione asked, while Ron had stood and were ready to leave. Slowly, Hermione stood too, as she were looking at her Headmaster. “Would….You-Know-Who…even make it out to the world, if he killed Harry?” She asked him almost lower than a whispering voice.

“In my years where I have known Voldemort, he would make a big deal to announcer Harry Potter’s Death. That is if he had killed Harry himself, Miss. Granger.” Dumbledore said, where Hermione had nodded.

“I just want to believe he is alive, I still feel that he is.” She said, as she turned again and got with Ron to the door.

They were soon gone, Snape had been looking after them, before he heard the locking charm and silence charm getting over the door.

“Was it a surprise for you, Albus?” Snape asked, as he fold his hands behind his back.

“Indeed, when Harry first time came to me and asked me, if he could stay with the Weasleys doing the summer. I only thought about his safety away from Voldemort, it never stroked me that he do be in deep trouble at the Muggle’s house.” Albus explained, as he were looking at his desktop, he looked deep in thoughts.

“I’m afraid that I haven’t heard anything about the boy, Albus. As soon as I do, I will contact you and give you the information you will need.” Snape said, as he turned away from the headmaster.

“That’s what I expected from you, Severus, but remember to be careful. One wrong step, then you will end like most of his Death Eaters.” The headmaster said, before he had stood and strolled toward the pensive nearby.

Severus looked at Dumbledore with a bit curious look, what would the headmaster do nearby the pensive he had?

“I shall remember, Albus.” He said, before he turned again and went toward the door. He needed to contact Tom as soon as possible.


~Riddle’s Manor~


Harry was getting restless by now, the time he had spent at Riddle’s manor was long. It’s been over three months since Severus took him here, three months where none of his friends had heard from him.

Harry wondered about, how the world outside took his disappearing. Was it in the newspapers? Did people miss him? What about his friends? Was they worried?

The raven-haired teen groaned a bit, he ran a hand through his messy hair and looked down at his bed. He had hardly spoken with Riddle, nor Snape for that matter. He just felt like he wanted to be alone, however, he have been alone now for two months.

Sure, the first month was the one he used to know Riddle a bit better, even if it meant he should be close to him. At the evenings he had been in his imaginary, his thought was on Tom who touched him all over.

It was even rare he heard from Snape, maybe it was because his potion master had returned to Hogwarts. It was kind of obvious, the school would need the potion master.

The thing was, Harry have not spoken with Tom since the first month. Each time he had seeing Tom, he hid himself or ran into a bathroom. He just, he could not let Tom know what he were thinking. He knew it was wrong, so he avoid Tom so he wouldn’t risk to let him know about it.

It was late at night, Harry sat in his window and were looking outside to the night sky. The stars were bright tonight, the sky clear from clouds and it just looked so nice and comfortable.

His eyes fell down on a figure, standing outside and near a tree. Who was that? It was too dark for him to see, but he thought he could tell who it would be.

The figure didn’t look like a man, but more like a woman. Harry held himself away from the window, there is no one he would get near Lestrange.

Harry lied down in his bed, he wanted to sleep, but again his body felt restless. The thoughts keep running inside his head, about the world outside this manor.

Harry didn’t know for how long he lied restless in his bed, he just know that he soon had relaxed enough so he could fall asleep.  That however, was soon broken as he felt a hand caressing his cheek.

Harry hummed a bit in his half sleep, he had leaned against the hand.¨

“It’s been a long time, Harry, you hardly speak with anyone.” A soft silky voice spoke, as the caressing continued at Harry’s cheek.

“Wanted, to be alone.” Harry mumbled, his eyes slowly shut down again, as his brain wouldn’t really wake up. He could feel a hand stroked down at his neck, tracing his skin very softly.

“Why Harry? Why do you wish to be alone? Is there something there bothers you?” The voice spoke, as the hand kept caressing Harry’s neck.

The teen couldn’t handle but let a soft and low moan escape his lips, the caressing was soft and gently. It was a nice feeling, just when you were half-asleep.

“No reason, just wanted to be alone. Not wanting them to find out…” Harry mumbled, his eyes got heavier again. He needed to close them, and so he did. Just a few seconds after he was on the way to dreamland again.

“What should they not find out, Harry?” the voice spoke softly, as a hand ran through Harry’s hair.

“Tom….and….me…” Harry said the words sleepy and low, however, now he couldn’t be awake anymore. He had finally fallen asleep again, loving the attention his hair got. It was so comfortable, loving and nice.


End of chapter 7.

I know it’s a bit bad ending, but I promise next chapter will be a bit…intends.

I have worked with a small thought, but I do like to hear your guys choice.

I’m standing between to let Harry speak more out about his muggle family to Tom, or Severus. Where one of them will give a visit to them, or if Harry is going to have a breakdown because of bad nightmares about his muggle family.

Help me out a bit guys?

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